Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday, Monday ...

I could joke about "The taxman cometh," but ... well, we paid our taxes earlier  so that's all done.
And we see the taxman (Dad C) at least once a month ... just not as the taxman. He's just Dad C.

My mom did joke with me last week, "Guess what I'm doing for your birthday? ... My taxes!!"
Good times, good times.

SO, I felt like a jerk, since I hadn't done my scripture reading.
Turns out that the 13th's scheduled posting had gotten deleted on facebook. So ... well, it wasn't totally my fault. Because I DID look for it!

And then, well, I didn't read Saturday's and Sunday's at all ... YET.

So I have THREE days' worth to catch up on. Good thing they're all short! (I do think about doing the "Read the Book of Mormon in 30 Days" type of reading ... but, well, let's just start with the baby steps.)

So, April 13 - Mosiah 7:8-7:17

  • So, Ammon and the four guys he took with him are in prison. And they're brought before the king (Seriously, how long have I been in the church? Nearly 30 years ... and I'm not that familiar with this story. SAD!) ... But, hey! The king is glad that they've come, since these guys are also Nephites and they're slaves to the Lamanites. Maybe Ammon and his group can help them out!
    So Ammon and his guys are free to bring the rest of their group into the city to recuperate  from their adventure.
    And King Limhi lets his people know to meet up at the temple. Because he's got something important to tell them.
April 14 - Mosiah 7:18-7:33
  • This story is starting to feel a little familiar ... I'm betting that I DO know it. But I'd forgotten it because I'm not as much of a Scriptorian as I should be.
  • Okay, where were we? That's right ... King Limhi has gathered his people together. He tells them that things are going to get better -- Trust in God, because we are going to escape the Lamanites.
    Even though, you know, it's only because our people were wicked that we got into this mess in the first place. 
  • He also tesitifies of the prophecies, both those that have been fulfilled and those that WILL be fulfilled (like the coming of Christ). 
  • And this section ends with, Limhi saying (paraphrased), "Turn toward Christ. Believe in Him with all your heart. Follow Him. He will deliver you from bondage."
  • Like another person using this Facebook page commented, it's so nice ("refreshing" is her term) to see this process of humble repentance. ... Because, face it, if this group felt entitled and proud, they'd have probably killed Ammon and his guys ... and they wouldn't be talking about any testimony. They'd be talking about how evil the Lamanites are and how horrible it was to be enslaved ... and how unfair it was that anything terrible should ever happen to them.
    And then I'd want to throw the book across the room and send them some loose change to call the WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHMBULANCE. Or, at least a quarter so they could call someone who cares.
    But, no ... Limhi is aware that, through their sinful behavior in the past, that his people/their kingdom, through their actions, brought this consequence down on themselves and their descendants.
    Way to be accountable and responsible!
    And, also, WOW ... that's a strong testimony, Limhi! ... I wish that our leaders today were a lot more like you.
April 15 - Mosiah 8:1-8:21
  • Mormon tells us that Limhi spoke lots more to his people, but that only a small portion is given to us today. ... It makes me wonder what all else Limhi talked about.
    And it also makes me think of how we're told many times that what IS given to us in The Book of Mormon is for US at this time. ... And it also makes me wonder what all is in the sealed portion that hasn't been translated yet. ... Of course, we're not ready for it. And, if I don't get my buns in gear, I'll never be ready for it. Or deserving of it. *sigh* Baby steps, right? Baby steps.
  • Limhi has Ammon tell what has happened with the other Nephites ... along with what King Benjamin preached unto them. Then the people all go home.
  • Limhi has Ammon read through the record of what has happened to their people.
    (Okay, SUPER JEALOUS. Seriously. THIS RIGHT HERE is the record of a people who were conquered by another group/culture. And here is THEIR record. I want to read records like this! Like history from the conquered people's point of few. How did the Druids feel when the Romans came? What had they done before? Stuff like that!!)
    Also: The importance of keeping a journal.
  • Limhi asks Ammon if he can interpret languages. Ammon can't.
    (I relate to this. Which is why I'm brushing up my German and trying to learn Spanish. ... I'd LOVE to be able to speak/understand/read/write ALL languages. Which is a hard thing to accomplish.)
    Limhi  had sent a search party out a while ago ... and they found some relics. Among the relics were some plates (books) with writing that they don't understand ... Maybe Ammon knows someone who could tell what is written on them?
    Limhi REALLY wants to know. (And, who can blame him? I think of how big a deal it was when the Rosetta stone was discovered! FINALLY people could start translating ancient texts. Yes, it was before my time ... but STILL!! Can you imagine how AWESOME that'd be?)
  • Limhi thinks that the records might be from some people whose civilization has been destroyed ... Maybe even some ancestors.
  • Ammon says that there's someone who CAN translate them. Because a seer could interpret these things. Then there's a discussion on whether a seer is greater than a prophet. And Ammon is all, "Not so, king! [Paraphrased, of course. You know me.] But a seer is a prophet and a revelator ... through the power of God. He can know things past, present, and future. Eventually, though revelation, all things will be revealed."
  • "Thus God has provided a means that man, through faith, might work mighty miracles; therefore he becometh a great benefit to his fellow beings."
  • I like that we have prophets for OUR benefit. It's nice to know that Heavenly Father knows that we need help and is GIVING us so much help. We have the scriptures. We have prayer. We have prophets, apostles, and other leaders. We have the ability to receive personal revelation. We have Home and Visiting Teachers ... We are provided for. We have so many gifts proffered to us.
    I need to be more appreciative of what all I've been given.
  • King Limhi also is glad and grateful for the knowledge of the power and availability of a prophet.
    He's going to know what's written in the book. And, besides that, it's a great blessing to have all these blessings from the Lord. The Lord does truly watch over us, His children.
 Okay ... so I'm caught up. For now.

Our bedroom is still ... somewhat clean. I'm getting closer to being caught up on laundry again. Michael's a rock star at getting things folded. I'm close to being caught up on dishes.
I made ... well, what were SUPPOSED to be pretzels, but turned out to be breadsticks for dinner last night.

Bucket is enjoying her short hair. I'm still training her bangs to not fall right in her eyes ... this way, when they're all grown out, I'll be able to see her pretty face. Won't that be nice?

Talked to one of my friends from grade school yesterday ... just catching up since I never get to see her. She's busy with being in the service (and living across the country). It was a good conversation.

Well ... I can't really think of anything else to write about. SO I'm going to close up.

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