Saturday, April 13, 2013

A bit of CDC for for ... and how today's gone

So, yesterday was a rather quiet day after all.
Michael set the kids to cleaning their room when they got up ... then he left for work.

I eventually got up, changed Bubbles, fed her, let her play until she was tired again, and had THE TALK of why Bruise and Bucket need to be honest -- we talked about trust and responsibility, of keeping the commandments and WHY we need to do that. I talked again about WHY Michael and I NEED them to be honest ... and, more important, WHY we NEED them to be strong in keeping the commandments, even when it's not easy.

I talked again, in simpler terms, about Stuebenville and WHAT went wrong there. How one boy DID speak up ... but fell back under the pressure from everyone else. And how that poor girl was treated ... how some boys who SHOULD have behaved MUCH better hurt her spirit. And HOW the media acted like THEY were some type of martyr, since they had so much going for them ... and now they're in jail and have ruined their reputation and any future football career.

I can only hope that SOON this will start to stick.

After Michael got home, I watched Bubbles while he had the kids help him with yard work (our "jungle" is looking like a YARD again.) ... And, after I laid her down for another nap, I went to take a nap myself. I read until I was dizzy ... and woke up about three hours later. (And I even DID fall asleep without any medicine last night.)

In my dream, I remember that we had to move into an apartment --- it's always our old apartment. This time, the kids and I were going to be roommates with a couple from our ward (congregation). And I was debating on whether I have the kids finish the school year at their current school, which would mean a LOT of driving for me), or should I transfer them to a school down the street with a bilingual program NOW.

Today, I slept in a bit. Eventually, I pulled myself out of bed and into clothes and Bucket and I went to get her hair cut.
She's been wanting a haircut for about a week, now. She was asking for it to be as short as Bruise's (It's grown out a little ... from a buzz with a #4 guard). Not going to happen. ... But she compromised with a bob. The same bob that has been her go-to haircut since we first cut her hair. Cute little chin-length bob. And, with this one, the hairdresser did help to blend in Bucket's bangs, since they're now so much closer to the rest of her hair length.

She and I also went shopping a little ... I picked up some lotion and some of those nail polish strips (for cheap). We got a punching-toy and a shirt for Bruise. Bucket got some new shoes, a shirt, and glow-in-the-dark nail polish. And we brought back a balloon for each child.
Bucket's nails are painted now -- she requested it as soon as we were home.

After chillaxing a bit (and doing my language lessons online), I finally started tackling Michael's and my MESSY, MESSY room. I worked on the closet.
My shoes are now all on my side of the closet (where Bubbles' bed used to be). As are my clothes.
I put away all the folded clothes. Michael's folding everything else.
We're going to match up all the socks. Then we'll all have socks again. Won't that be nice?

I really want to take a bath and redo my nails now ... but that has to wait. We need to make dinner and put the kids to bed first.

We watched The Life of Pi the other night.
I saw a picture of a tiger on facebook last night ... and all I could think was "Richard Parker."

I was going to get together with a Visiting Teaching sister today ... but she never told me a time to come over. So ... yeah. Oh well. I'll get together with her sometime.

Well, I'd better feed those kids of mine.

And, yeah, I wonder what all the dreams about the old apartment mean ... Any ideas?

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