Thursday, April 18, 2013

Crazy Dream Chronicle - "Noms"

So, yeah ... I can't really explain this one much at all ...

But somehow, people were becoming these stone statues ... but the statues could speak to each other and could move. And they'd fight each other ... but regular people would think that the battle-scars were just erosion or something.

And I got turned into a statue. And the statues were called "Noms." And you could only see what you knew about ... So, if you didn't know another statue was there, and no one told you about it (or you didn't overhear anyone talking about it), you couldn't see it.

Yeah ... it was weird.

Not exactly like "Blink" (Doctor Who ... if you've heard of "the weeping angels," it's that episode) ... but kind of similar in bits.

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