Monday, April 22, 2013

A clean desk ...

So, yeah, I cleaned my desktop. No, the PHYSICAL one. Not just the one on my computer screen.

And ... well, let me tell you, it's a little surreal. And it's not PRISTINE clean. OH HECK NO. But it's a TON cleaner and less cluttered. I had a HUUUUUUUGE pile of recycling and a bunch of junk on there. And it's a lot less dusty, too.

Effective use of Bubbles' naptime? I think YES.

So, I'm rewarding myself with ice cream.

So, I came home early from church. Bubbles was tired, but was not going to take a nap at church. No matter what. So ... well, I took her home and she napped. And I had some quiet time and felt like a loser for missing Relief Society. (I'm about to count the weeks down until Bubbles starts Nursery. (18-month-olds enter a Nursery class until they're three. Then they start Sunday School properly. LOTS of parents get to the point where they look forward to Nursery starting. With Bruise and Bucket, we were invited to bring them in a little early ... like a month or so before ... and stay in Nursery with them. This was a nice way to get them acclimated to it. On their first REAL day of Nursery, Bruise ran in, ready to go. Didn't even want to give us kisses or say "bye" since there were SUCH FUN TO BE HAD! ... Bucket, however, needed a little encouragement.)

I will admit, I'm tempted to just go hang out in Nursery. At least I'd be able to hear a lesson without having to attempt to keep Bubbles quiet and from toddling up to the front of the classroom.

LOTS of people at church (especially considering how short of a time period I was there) remarked on my hair. So, that lets you know how much brighter a red it is now. Do I mind? Nope. If someone didn't like it, would I care? Nope. My hair, my rules. And I know how to deliver a "stop talking" type of line while maintaining a "butter wouldn't melt in my mouth" expression.

Well, I'm pretty much caught up on laundry ... the washing and drying part of it. I should have another load to wash by the end of the day. So, that's good.
I should wash a couple loads of dishes (maybe I can fit it all into just one load?) ... and that'll be caught up.
Then to clean off all the kitchen counters ... and clean some cupboards, too. Then to sweep and scrub the floor. Then to clean up the laundry room and the hall bathroom. AND, if I have time this week, clean up OUR bathroom and the floor on my side of the bed. Then vacuum it. And the kids' room.

(The kids have their own jobs to get done this week:

  • Monday - Clean up books/magazines by their bookshelf
  • Tuesday - Clean their room (includes putting away clothes properly)
  • Wednesday - Clean their tables
  • Thursday - Just keep the house clean!! And make sure that they're packed!)
So, yeah ... things are getting into gear. We have a housesitter all lined up. Our neighbors are going to keep an eye on the place, too. So, if you're reading, please don't break into the house. I'm sure you're much too pretty and kind to go to prison. So don't take any chances!

I've worked at getting music updated on my iPod (5th generation, baby ... it's practically an antique by now! That's how I roll with Apple products, apparently. ;P) ... so, there's that. Got all the passes and reservation papers and coupons printed out. *phew*

Now to just get packed and the house ready for everything. I can do this.
I mean, heck, my desk and 90% of the front room is ready. Now to get the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and laundry room ready! And pack up that car! It's going to be so full.
(Someday we'll be able to afford to just travel with the clothes on our back and a toiletry kit. THIS is NOT that trip. :P)

Michael figured out what was wrong with the air mattress. Last week, my mom ended up on the floor twice. There's a hole in it. We'll patch that tonight. And finish getting the bedroom doorknob aright. Since it still doesn't have the two screws to keep it together, Bruise and I (at different times) have been trapped inside the bedroom. Whoops!

I did my Lumnosity (brain stuff) practice. And I practiced Spanish (went pretty well for how much I neglected it) and German (verdammt. ... Could have been better. But, hey, at least I practiced, right?).

So I NEED to get my reading/study assignments done, right? RIGHT.

Today's reading is Mosiah 13:5-13:15
  • Abinadi was right when he told the priests not to touch him (or else they'd die). He preaches (while glowing, like Moses on Sinai) with authority from the Lord. And he states that, after his message is finished, it doesn't matter what happens to him. He knows that he's right with the Lord. He preaches of the Ten Commandments and of the Law of Moses. He foretells of the fulfillment of the Law of Moses, when we will need to keep a higher law (Christ's commandments).
    He explains WHY we have the law of Moses, why God didn't just give us the higher law THEN. He tells of the coming of the Son of God.
  • I ... I just don't get why people didn't listen to Abinadi. I mean ... he's GLOWING.
    Maybe they were really distracted by that? But still, why would you be mean to a guy who glows? I think that it'd be rather scary, especially if you weren't already on his side.
  • It's good to be reminded of (as in Exodus) why Moses' people didn't get the higher law. God was all ready to give it to them ... but they grew tired of waiting for Moses to come back from the mountain and thought that worshipping an idol and being VERY naughty was some type of a good idea.
    So, Moses comes down with the higher law ... and sees what's going on. And he KNOWS that these people are NOT AT ALL ready for these commandments. So, to protect them from themselves, he goes back and gets commandments that they CAN manage to keep. Like how we get a learner's permit and have to practice a lot before we can get a driver's license (at least, as a teenager). Or how we have prerequisites for high school and college classes. Because, most times, we all NEED to take those preparatory classes first so that  we won't fail.
  • But ... he was GLOWING!!!!! Seriously ... glowing.
Today's talk is ... well, it's a bunch of things:
  1. The Sustaining of Church Officers (Dieter F. Uchtdorf)
  2. Church Auditing Department Report, 2012 (Robert W. Cantwell)
  3. Statistical Report, 2012 (Brook P. Hales)
  • So, this is all the start of the Saturday Afternoon Session of Conference ... In case you wondered what was going on (if you want, you can always head over to and read/watch it yourselves. No pressure, though. I know that I don't always want to be told what to do.)
  • So, first things first, we all have the opportunity to sustain our General Authorities ... those leaders over the wider geographical regions of the church (as opposed to Stake or Ward leaders, who have much, much smaller geographical regions to preside over). Like, how the prophet leads the whole church. And the General Relief Society Board is over all the adult women, since they're in charge of the other Relief Society leaders.
  • It's quite powerful to see all the hands be raised to show support for our leaders. It's also a great experience to be able to do so yourself ... a little bit of a testimony to yourself, "This man/these leaders is/are called of God. They are all here to serve us. I will do what I can to support them in their efforts."
  • Wow, there are a LOT of people serving us in the church. LOTS.
    And, remember, we have a lay clergy ... so they're doing this for US, not for any paycheck. And it's not like they have fan clubs or get a lot of acclaim. So, wow, they must really love us.
  • On to the Auditing Report ... It's really short. Elder Cantwell (I wonder if people call him "CountWell" since he works with finances ...), well, Michael says that he, indeed, sounds like an auditor. I am always intrigued by how he sounds as he talks. His voice is so far back in his throat that it sounds like he's swallowing his words as he delivers them. 
  • The Auditing Report avows that the Church has been using its funds responsibly and reporting their use accurately.
  • (Truth be told, I really never listen much to this ... So it's good to read it. Not exactly thrilling, mind you. But reassuring. And it's good to know that SOMEONE out there can follow a budget ... Too bad our political leaders can't follow that example. :/ )
  • The Statistical Report is also rather dry ... until you compare it over time. It's amazing to see how the church has grown (Started out with six guys in one ward back in 1830 to 14,782,4773 members  worldwide by the end of 2012). We have 140 temples in service now ... Pretty big stuff.
I didn't really get any huge spiritual insights from this section of Conference ... but it is reassuring: I support and sustain our leaders. I have a testimony that they are called of God, that they serve us because they love us, that God wants these men and women in these positions. I'm glad that the Church manages its funds well and honestly. Tithing doesn't seem like such a sacrifice if you know that the funds are doing what is best for the world ... and not just going to line someone's cashmere pockets or something. And the Church is still growing. Missionaries are doing their work. Good stuff.

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