Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Actually, I DON'T have any Crazy Dream Chronicles to share ... yeah, I know!

Since I last posted, ... well, what HAS happened?

We had Easter ... We visited some family ...

  • Friday - We went to Michael's work in the morning, on our way down to visit family.
    I took the kids to a fast food place for breakfast. Bucket devoured her biscuits and gravy; Bruise heartily enjoyed his French Toast sticks with syrup; I chowed down on a breakfast burrito ... and Bubbles ate our little fried hashbrowns and anything else we shared with her.

    The kids and I shopped around, ending with trips over to Trader Joe's and Target. Of course.
    Then we swung back around and picked up Michael so that we could head down to visit Nana and Dad and L ... I also got to see my uncle, M, and Aunt I. It was a really nice visit.
    It's not easy to communicate with M anymore, since his stroke about four years back. It was pretty bad. Nana had a stroke when I was around Jr. High ... and she bounced back really well. M's was a lot more severe. And it's not fun for anyone, since he was the sole brother who didn't have Usher's Syndrome -- He was the most independent and capable. And, now, it's much harder for him to be that way. He still can see well ... and hear well. But walking unaided and speaking ... those are harder.

    We got to look at the new house that Dad and L built. It's way cute. L has a great eye for color and a good sense of design and set-up. Not that anyone should be surprised, since this is the third house she's worked on. (They live in house #2, after selling house #1. The first house Dad had started ... and L worked to make it a lot better. Originally, the kitchen was really small ... by the time they put it up for sale, the kitchen had been remodeled, they built on a beautiful porch, ... It's a gorgeous place.
  • Saturday morning, the kids colored eggs with L and had a little egg hunt of their own.
    After breakfast, lunch, and touring the new house, we were packed up and ready to take off.
    We were going to take the kids to a community egg hunt in my hometown, but Bubbles was JUST about asleep (after barely any naps the previous day ... and skipped the morning nap today, too) ... and there wasn't anywhere to park (small town, what can you say?). So we headed back home to get unpacked and run a few errands.

    Michael had to do some things, so I had the kids and we got settled in at home. Bubbles got a REAL nap. I did some laundry.
    Then he came home and I went out to help the Easter Bunny. I decided that, since the kids would get a ton of sugar on Sunday at Grandma's (Mom and Dad C's, that is), we'd try for something a little healthier that I could be fine with them digging into before church. So, amid a couple little toys, there were small bags of jelly beans, (bunny-shaped) fruit snacks, pretzel/cracker mix (shaped like bunnies), fruit leather, granola bars, coloring books (or, in Bubbles' case, a board book), and water bottles. And they each got some DVDs to share (Darkwing Duck, vol 2, DuckTales, vol 2, and Princess Sofia the First ... which Michael picked up at Costco).

    They were HUGE hits ... I think I know what to do about treat baskets from now on!
  • Sunday, the kids TORE into their baskets. And I patted myself on the back.

    We went to church ... since it was a fifth Sunday, we had a combined Elders (mens) and Relief Society (womens) class. Which meant that, for the first time in WEEKS, I was able to stay in class the whole time (I usually have Bubbles, since I don't have a Sunday-type calling. Michael, though, DOES. So she usually sticks with me. And she's not into napping during class anymore. But, if I need to substitute in Primary, Michael willingly takes her with him. And Bubbles gets passed around the Elders' Quorum. Good thing that (1) she's personable and (2) we have GREAT men in our ward who like to hold babies.)

    At church, I was so happy to see that the husband of one of my friends was there! He hasn't been active for a while. In fact, it took me a second to recognize him, since I haven't seen him often. But I was SO GLAD for her. I was sorry that I didn't have a chance to go tell him "hi" and how nice it was to see him ... well, not without sounding a little like a stalker. I don't think he knows who I am.
    His wife and I worked in Young Women's together ... so that wouldn't help him to know who I am.

    After church, I tossed (figuratively) the kids into the shower in some kind of assemblycleaning line (My pet peeve, apparently, is when my kids have dirty nails/toenails). Michael and the kids got the garbage out. And then we loaded up and drove to his folks' house.

    We got caught in some horrible traffic ... which made us appreciate our smart phones. According to TripCheck, there was an accident. And it told us where on the highway it was. So we got off at the next exit and were able to make it to the grandparents' house without TOO much of a delay (If we'd stayed on the highway, we'd have been there for at least an hour. Traffic was STOPPED for a few miles).

    The kids got to play with their cousins. I got to talk to my brother-in-law, Jason-head. I also got to visit some more with C, Michael's other brother, and A (his wife. Meaning C's wife. Michael only has one wife. And I'm that one).

    The kids had an egg treasure hunt (Dad C and Uncle D wrote out clues for the kids to follow) ... and a sugar rush followed.

    Then we got the kids home and ready for bed ... since Spring Break is now over.
  • Monday - I mostly took it easy. I got caught up with laundry (YAY!).
    Mom and C (my stepdad) were able to get the pump fixed ... so after two weeks, they have running water again. My mom is THRILLED.

    I colored my hair ... It's red. Like a bright auburn type of red. I think I like it.
    I did miss a couple spots along the hairline, so I think I need to redo it. However, I'm happy with how my hair feels. (I had gotten used to buying the ColorSilk, which is CRAZY cheap. And it'd make my hair feel like straw. I "splurged" on a box of Feria ... and WOW. Even right after drying my hair, I could feel a huge difference. My hair is soft and feels like HAIR.)

    I'm about caught up on dishes, too. Which might make the shambles that my kitchen is in just a titsch less heinous. I hope.
  • Tuesday - Bubbles is pretty awesome. Not only does she run to help me put the wet clothes from the washer into the dryer, BUT yesterday, when I was loading the washer after she helped me transfer clothes, she waddled off ... and came back with dirty clothes to put into the washer!
    Dude, y'all ... she's just 13 months and has an awesome work ethic when it comes to laundry.
    I was/still AM totes impressed.

    And, NO, she did not get it from me.
    I do need to step up the housework a notch. And finish a library book.

Our kids school does Fall AND Spring pictures. I talked the kids (per Michael's request) into NOT getting individual pictures done this spring. We'll still order the CLASS picture ... but, when presented with the choice of getting a Spring picture OR going to the book fair?
Yes, they proved that they are my children. Book Fair it is!

Oh ... the kids were funny on April Fool's Day.
After they HAD TO CHECK to see it April Fool's was on the first or the third (I was honest ... I also didn't pull any pranks), they proceeded to tell me that they put snakes and scorpions into my bed.


I tried to convince Bucket to get her friends to help her look for hens' teeth ... and had to then explain to her that no, hens don't have teeth. That's why THAT's a joke.

But, yeah ... that's most of what is standing out.

That and the fact that I don't have to keep a friend's pregnancy a secret anymore!
I'm excited for her and her husband ... and a little worried, since she's suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum this time. So she's in the hospital about once a week, so that she stays hydrated.
But hey, a baby!! And I don't have to keep it a secret anymore!!

Well, I should go get a shower and clean up the kitchen or something.

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