Friday, April 12, 2013

Two days of scriptures ... Since I was a slacker ...

Yeah, I know ... But I'm TRYING, right? Because that's what I need to DO, to get into a habit.

Baby steps, y'all. Baby steps.

SO, YESTERDAY'S assignment was Mosiah 5:1-15 -- Still with King Benjamin talking/preaching to his people. (I do love the visual given, when we talk about King Benjamin's sermon, of how he built a tower so that his people could see him and more could hear him ... and they set up their tents facing him. And he had people interspersed around, repeating what he said, like a precursor of the intercom system, so that everyone could hear his words. Pretty inspired.)

  • His people, having received his words, testified all together of their testimony of the truth. They all desired to enter into a covenant with God. 
  • By entering into this covenant, we are named as children of God. (I mean, yes, EVERYONE is a child of God ... because He is the father of our spirits. However, once we come to earth, not everyone KNOWS that.
    In this last General Conference (April 2013), Elder Stanley G. Ellis stated, "We are not spiritual orphans. We are not alone."
    We haven't just been kicked out of the nest and left to fend for ourselves. All we have to do is to look up and recognize from where our blessings come. Heavenly Father is waiting for us, to allow us to encircle us in the arms of His perfect love. And, when we enter into these covenants -- baptism, endowment, sealings ... but especially baptism, we become children of Christ. He redeemed us, fulfilling the plan of our Heavenly Father, and we become His.
  • King Benjamin implores his people to remember Christ, to have his name written on our hearts (which puts me in mind of how, when we are going on vacation soon, I'll write our names and phone number on the kids' wrists, in case they are lost). 
  • And the selection for the day ends with this Scripture Mastery (a scripture that Seminary Students are supposed to memorize ... and most, like me, didn't. Whoops.)
  • Mosiah 5:15 - Therefore, I would that ye should be steadfast and immovable, always abounding in good works, that Christ, the Lord God Omnipotent, may seal you his, that you may be brought to heaven, that ye may have everlasting salvation and eternal life, through the wisdom, and power, and justice, and mercy of him who created all things, in heaven and in earth, who is God above all. Amen.

Today's selection is Mosiah 6:1-7:7 -
  • King Benjamin keeps a record of those who desire to enter into the covenant with Christ. EVERYONE does. The only ones who don't are little children (because we don't believe in baptizing little children ... They're innocent. So baptizing them is an affront to God ... since we're making them take responsibility for their actions before they are accountable for their choices. It'd be like basing someone's SAT scores on a test taken before they can read and write.)
  • Benjamin also passes the kingdome over, while the crowds are still there, to his son, Mosiah (which is why this book is called the book of Mosiah). Benjamin also sets up priests to teach the people, because continuing education is a GOOD thing (Why else do we have Sunday School that everyone, not just new converts, attends?).
  • King Benjamin dies three years later. Mosiah rules in righteousness. He commands the people to farm. He works with them, taking care of his own welfare -- not mooching off the people. There is peace in the land.
  • Chapter 7 starts -- People are curious as to what is happening in the land of Nephi, from where they emigrated a long time ago. They can't leave the subject alone ... so he sends a group of men back to find out, then to return and give a report.
  • Sixteen men go ... but they don't know how best to get there. So they spend a LONG time wandering. But, eventually, they DO get there and pitch their tents before going down into the land.
  • The leader, Ammon, and three of the other men (so, in total, four guys) go down into the land and speak to the king. Then they're tied up and put in prison.
So... with that selection ... well, yay, for King Mosiah, since he's earning his own keep, just like the rest of his people. You have to respect that. I rather wish that George Washington HAD set that precedent (He did have the option) ... it'd save us a lot of tax money. Especially with the stupid Sequester that's going on (where we can't tour the White House, but they still throw huge, expensive parties ... paid for by the nation. Grr).

And, well, I'm glad that Ammon and ALL the guys didn't go into the land of Nephi ... it was smart to leave some behind to keep camp (and, if needed, head back and report).

Honestly, I don't remember what happens next.
Yeah, I've been in the church since I was three ... and I have read the entirety of the Book of Mormon ... but I don't recall this section about this troop of explorers at all.
SAD, yes?

Well, I promise not to read ahead without you. And we can all figure it out tomorrow (or, well, a PART of it, at least.)

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