Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Stuff ... QUICK stuff

So, my mom's going to be driving up in a bit ... and I need to clean the house and take a shower (and get dressed, of course) before she gets here.

Bubbles is taking a nap and the older kids are at school ... so I have a few minutes that I'm wasting to spend reading blogs and blogging.

So, today's scripture reading (Wow. Why did I suddenly have THE BIGGEST URGE to play Myst? Totally hit me. Not going to happen right now, though.)

... Where was I? Oh! Yes! Today's reading is Mosiah 4:16-30. In The Book of Mormon, since that's what the page I'm following is doing.

SO, here are my impressions as I skimmed read through it:
  • COMPASSION. We need to give service, even when we COULD say that the person we could serve brought his/her misery upon him/herself.
  • Humility - As we serve, we won't be so prideful and selfish. We won't be so quick to judge others.
  • We all have to rely on God's mercy. We all need His blessings. We need to be grateful and find joy in what we have.
    We are commanded to be self-reliant ... but we can never do EVERYTHING for ourselves/our families alone. We NEED the Lord.
    As we accept His grace and all the blessings that He bestows upon us, we also need to help others with what we have. ... I mean, we're to follow His example, right? And, how else will we be prepared to be like Jesus if we don't practice, through charity and service?
  • Now, if you AREN'T in a position to give, it's not counted against you ... as long as you WANT to. If you have a righteous desire to help, sometimes that's all you are capable of. Just like we can't right all the wrongs that are occuring/have occurred ... but we CAN have that desire to do good.
    We can't all donate thousands/millions of dollars/euro/etc. to alleviate suffering. But we can WANT to do good ... and, who knows? Maybe through our thoughts (which affect our words and our actions and our character), we will have an effect on someone or some group that CAN. 
  • Again, humility ... we need to repent. Daily. The Atonement is for us.
    Do what you CAN do ... don't do more than you can. Don't go to extremes.
  • I always do laugh a little at Mosiah 4:29, where King Benjamin pretty much says, "Hey, I can't tell you ALL the things that you shouldn't do. Because there's a WHOLE DANG LOT of ways to sin. I can't even START."
    He does continue with an admonition to watch yourself -- your thoughts, words, and deeds. And to follow the commandments of God. Continue in faith/keep the hope. Endure to the end. And he WANTS us to make it, to gain eternal life (like Heavenly Father has).
And I like that, in the talking about charity and service, even then, there are examples (that are still very relevant) given:
  • Give to the poor
  • Feed the hungry
  • Clothe the naked
  • Visit people who are sick ... administer to them both spiritually and temporally ...
    (like, arrange for someone to take them the Sacrament. Help them clean their house. Bring over a meal or two. Just go and visit them, so they aren't so alone. Write them a letter or give a phone call. Make sure their Home and Visiting teachers are aware of them! Stuff like that.) ... and I like how it's even caveated with "according to their wants." (So, don't just be showing up to chat for an hour without checking first or whatever.)
And ... well, that's what I got out of today's reading assignment.

Now, I should probably schedule my Visiting Teaching appointments, huh? :P
(And get a shower!)

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