Thursday, May 03, 2012

So far ...

I had Michael pick up pizza last night.
Bubbles NEEDED to be held nearly constantly (didn't want to poop, it seems).

She's still a little snuffy. But nowhere near as bad as a couple nights ago.
In fact, she slept really well last night.

Yesterday, Mom and my stepdad came to take my old daybed to my aunt.
It clears up a LOT more room in Bruise and Bucket's room.

Freyja-cat is doing well on her "kitty-Prozac." She's sleeping a lot.
But that's a darn sight better than peeing on things.
Speaking of, I need to scoop the catbox.

I ordered a baby-sling from
I was HOPING it'd get here by Mothers' Day (so, in about two weeks).
It arrived YESTERDAY. Yeah.
I was pretty impressed.
AND they gave me a free lip gloss. ^_^

Bubbles and I made it to the parent-volunteer thing this morning at the kids' school.
I cut out about, oh, twenty DOZEN paper hexagons.
(There are about fifty more pages, each with a dozen hexagons on them, to go. Good thing they're for NEXT year. ^_^)
People remarked about how gorgeous Bubbles is.
(She slept for most of the time. For the first 15 minutes, I rocked her carseat with my foot while I cut out hexagons.)

I also bought stuff so Bruise and Bucket can plant the tomato plants that they brought home.
And the carrot seeds that they got yesterday.
And I FINALLY bought myself a bird feeder and some birdseed.
(I bought a hummingbird feeder last summer or so. I haven't seen ANY hummingbirds. The feeder is still FULL!! *sigh*)

Our sinks (laundry room AND kitchen are backed up). Drano doesn't seem to have any effect in the laundry room sink.
I think we're going to have to call a plumber.

Also, I got a call from school.
Bruise got hit in the head with a lunch pail. He's got a bump.
The school nurse did check him out. He seems to be fine.
He'll be home soon, since they only have an hour after lunchtime before they go home.
Am I a bad mom for not taking him out of school?
He was feeling better by the time the office called.
(Besides, Math and Spanish are important things to NOT miss, right?)

So, yeah.

I should do the dishes.
Guess I'll cart them to the bathtub. Joy.
Since the kids' tub still has a HUGE, sopping cushion from the couch.
.... Hey .... I think I'll lug THAT into our bathroom, where the dehumidifier that I've borrowed from Mom and C is. THAT should help get it dry faster.

Why is everything so expensive?
Why can't the sinks just WORK?
Oh well. Things could be worse.

And I have a diaper to change. Gotta go!

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