Tuesday, May 01, 2012

In which I am tired ... and covered in cat hair

So, I spaced going to the informal Parent-Teacher Open House conference last night.

Good thing there's another one Thursday.

I did manage to make dinner (it wasn't all that great. I think the broccoli was freezer burnt. And it made the rest of the wanna-be stir fry taste a little off. Ugh). And I got the kids bathed and to bed. And read them a bedtime story (Michael was off, after dinner, to help someone move).

I woke up this morning, fed Bubbles, took a shower, got dressed, dressed Bubbles, made the kids stop playing in their room and get ready, loaded us all up in the van and took Freyja-cat to the vet's before the bus came.

Freyja had a urine draw, so that we could rule out the peeing-on-stuff behavior being caused by a urinary tract or bladder infection.

While THAT was going on, I got the kids on the bus ... then Vesper and I went to my OB/GYN.


Normally, after a couple weeks, the "strings" (they're more like wires. Thin wires) on an IUD soften and curl up a little. So that if you TRY, you can feel them (like when you check after your cycle). But you normally don't. So ... yeah.
Well, my wires were NOT soft and they were ... well ... PRESENT during certain activities.
So my doctor checked to make sure the IUD was in the right spot (CHECK!) and trimmed them shorter.

I asked if, before my next appointment (which I might be able to cancel if trimming the strings solves everything), I'd need to do anything to help soften the strings. (Since this wasn't an issue with the last IUD I had.)

Me: "Do I need to, like, squirt some Vaseline or something up there? Just in case?"
Her: *snickers* No, I don't think that would be necessary.

Yeah, I'm going to miss joking around with her.
Though, really, I was not being completely facetious with that inquiry.
Hey, I'm just trying to be proactive in this, okay?


I called the vet's office to check on Freyja (as I was advised to do) ... just as the vet called ME. Ha.
Good timing, right?

So, Freyja cat does NOT have an infection causing "inappropriate elimination."
It's all emotionally-based.
So ... she gets to take "Kitty Prozac."
My cat is now on drugs.
And, I figure that since this is due to her feeling jealous/abandoned ... since Bubbles does take a lot of attention and time ... I'm going to have to schedule some mandatory cuddle time with my kitty.
(I think that in the evening, before bedtime, will work the best. The kiddos are in bed, Bubbles has fallen asleep for a bit ... Michael and I sit on the couch and watch Netflix or something ...)

But I still think that we'll have her sleep in the laundry room for a while longer.

... I have no idea what to make for dinner tonight.
I would take a nap ... but since Freyja's NOT closed in the laundry room, I should stay out here to keep an eye on her.
(Right now, she's just chilling, bathing herself, under my desk, at my feet.)

I should get a start at dismantling the daybed in the kids' room.
We're going to give it to my aunt.
It'll free up room in the kids' room.
I'm DETERMINED to clean and organize that room within an inch of its life (if it had one ... but still ...).
THEN, when Bubbles is consistently sleeping through the night, we could put a crib in there for her. And have the kids' toys picked up, too.

I also NEED to get the old couch to SMELL DECENT.
It doesn't right now.

And I need to re-clean the house. AGAIN.
And make dinner.
And read library books.
And help the kids do the rest of their homework ... They did a good job on finishing today and tomorrow's assignments ... Thursday and Friday's assignments should go quickly, too.
Mom and my stepdad will be here tomorrow to get the daybed.
Thursday, I'm going to go to the kids' school and help out at the morning parents' meeting-thing (helping to cut out/collate/staple/etc). Then I NEED to remember to go to their class' Open House/Conferences.
Friday, Bubbles has a doctor's appointment..

At least NEXT WEEK is pretty light, as far as scheduled things go. PHEW.

OKAY. I'm going to start cleaning off and dismantling that daybed.
One less things for Michael to have to do when he gets home.
Then ... I'll figure out what to make for dinner. And clean out the fridge. And cook up my asparagus.
And finish my library book.
And have FHE (Family Home Evening), since we put it off last night ... since Michael wasn't home much.

With how busy and cat-pee-filled life has been, would it REALLY be asking too much to wake up tomorrow 50 pounds lighter? ... Of course, I wouldn't have anything to wear ... but I still have some birthday money. :P
Still, it'd be nice.
How about TWENTY pounds lighter? I could handle that.

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