Thursday, May 31, 2012

If I had a post's title ... Well, it'd be here ...

I have been EXHAUSTED the last couple days.

No, I'm not pregnant (DAWN.)
(For those of you wondering why I have that parenthetical remark, THIS parenthetical remark will explain that my friend, Dawn, will always jump to asking/hoping that her friends are with child. She once started a rumor that I was preggo-my-Eggo on my Facebook wall with her usual guess. I still love her. Even though it was a tricky situation diffusing that rumor. While people are CONGRATULATING me on having something in my uterus that I didn't have at all. :P ... Good times, good times.)

I don't know why I've been so ... well, no, I do have an idea...

  • Tuesday night/morning, Bruise and Bucket woke up around FOUR AM(!!!) to go to the bathroom. They were VERY noisy and then Bucket thought the bathroom door was locked and freaked out (It wasn't. She didn't even end up USING the bathroom!). Michael took care of it. But I woke up and was awake for a while.
  • Bubbles isn't consistently sleeping through the night ... but she's getting better. For the most part.
    Still, most nights I do wake up at least once to feed her. Sometimes twice.
  • This morning, I woke up EXHAUSTED ... thinking that it was an hour later than it was. Stupid sunlight. Stupid Daylight Savings. It was nice not having to LEAP out of bed ... and I did manage to get a good deal done by the time the kids needed to get out to the bus stop. Phew!
Speaking of, this is what I did this morning:
  • Woke up. Went back to doze for a little.
  • Fed Bubbles.
  • Made the kids' lunches
  • Called their school so I could write a check for the balance of their hot lunch accounts (Since tomorrow's the last day to have a balance). Wrote that check. Bruise is entrusted to take it to the office.
  • Got Bubbles out of my bed.
    Changed her diaper ... She had a blow out.
    Her hair was all gross at the back (sweat, drool, and milk), so she got a bath and a cute outfit.
    Brought her out to the living room to play.
  • Got the kids' homework folders filled and had them put them in their backpacks.
    Got their reading logs put in there, too.
    And Bucket's reading homework.
  • Jumped in the shower with less than twenty minutes to get ready to take the kids to the bus.
    Showered, shaved my underarms, brushed teeth, combed hair, got dressed, put on makeup (light foundation, concealer, blush, eyeliner, some eyeshadow, mascara, lip gloss, and powder).
  • Put on flip-flops (Remember when we used to call THOSE thongs? Oh, the good, ol' days.) and my Moby wrap. Grabbed my phone. Logged Bubbles' morning activities (diaper, bath, vitamins) ... and headed out the door!
Oh, and I did a little Draw Something before calling the school.

Aaaaaaand now I've just put Bubbles down for a nap. Yeah, I'm not making the Volunteer Breakfast at the kids' school. I'm already late ... I fed Miss Bubbles once we got home. And ... yeah. Just not making it. Oh well.

Yesterday was overall good. Just tiring.
I woke up, ate the leftover Chicken Tikaa and coconut rice for breakfast (leftovers? Yum!!) and drank some water. Put on my Moby ... and got the kids to the bus. Then I drank some more water and loaded up Bubbles into her carseat.
Why would I do all that?
Because I was donating blood!

My iron is back to great. 13.6, I think. The normal, healthy range for women is 12.1-15 ... so I fall in the upper middle. Yay!
And I filled up my bag really fast.
I felt fine. Not at all dizzy or clammy.
Just like I really, really, REALLY wanted a nap.

I wore Bubbles in my Moby. Facing out while I answered questions ... and she got fussy. Then I turned her so she was all snug. And she fell asleep and drooled on my shoulder while I lay down to fill up a bag.

She did get quite a bit of attention.
"There's a baby! Did you see?" "Yes!"
"Oh!! A Baby!! We don't usually get to see babies here much!!"

Yup, she is a bit of a conversation starter. ^_^

So, our library's Summer Reading Program starts tomorrow.
And the kiddos have a dental check-up ... which might explain part of my dream last night.

In my dream, my lower teeth were a little more wonky than in real life (not to brag, but my teeth are pretty straight. Straight enough that dental hygienists have asked if I've had braces. Which I haven't. I do have two crooked-ish teeth right in front on the bottom, but they're not very bad.) ... The lateral incisor (yes, I had to look it up) was pushing the central incisor OUT of the gum.
THEN the canine AND that pesky lateral insicor got chipped. Badly enough that my canine was off down to the gum.
(And I'm losing my dental insurance tomorrow in real life. Fun.)
So ... yeah. There I am with THREE problem teeth. One that's rotating out of the gum, one sheared down to the gumline, and one that's all sharp and broken.

I also dreamed that I missed one of my besties' birthdays. It was the day after.
Michael and I were at a toy shop, and they had these cute book-like cards. And books ... The Free Comic Book Day issues of the Serenity comic were in bags that started at a thousand dollars. Very depressing.

I was going to get T (my bestie) a card. But which one? And I should get her a present! Like a DVD! But I hadn't seen her for a while ... and I don't know which DVDs she already HAS or which ones she doesn't have and would really like! VERY SAD AND STRESSFUL!

So, yeah, I should totally call her. In a half hour or so, since she told me once, with her job, never to call before ten. But, that WAS before her son started school ... Still ... I'll stick to it until she tells me differently. ^_^

So, yeah.
To sum up, I'm a crazy-dream-having, Moby-wearing, blood-donating fool.
Who's really, really tired.

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