Sunday, May 27, 2012

Still Not Dead ... Yet.

It has been brought to my attention that I haven't blogged.


(Oh my flip. It's been over 20 days since I've blogged. What. The. FRACK.)

Let's see what I recall about the last three weeks ...

Um ... Not a whole heck of a lot. Oops!

Let me try to piece things together ...

  • We are fully over the head lice.
    Thanks be.
    Oh. Em. Gee.
  • I know that I read a couple books. At this point (without looking back at my GoodReads), I cannot recall what they were. I know that I enjoyed at least one of them.
    I also had to turn in a bunch of library books that I haven't even started.
  • I got caught up on the dishes. I'm not caught up right now. But I WAS for a couple hours.
    The sinks still work ... thus, brother-in-law C speaks the truth.
  • I am so freaking behind on the laundry. Ugh. Let's not talk about that.
  • We got to help our friend Robyn unclog her bathtub. Michael's a rockstar at that.
    I, while he was working on that, helped her figure out her new sling (It's a CUTE one, too).
  • We made it to the last PTC (Parent Teacher ... Council? Committee?) meeting.
    I wore Bubbles in my Moby wrap.
    And I successfully nursed that girl to sleep. A 13-minute feeding.
  • I walked to the mall on Friday, after I took the kids to the bus stop.
    None of the stores that I wanted to buy anything at were open.
    So I walked to Target and browsed there. Then I walked home.
  • Mom and I went to the weekday Farmers' Market.
    I tried goat milk. It was WAY better than I worried. (Kinda like powdered milk. In how sweet it is. Pretty nice, really.)
    We both like goat cheese (We bought some chevre. I ate it ALL in one sitting.)
    We also got to try goat milk gelato. YUM!
  • That was also the night that Bubbles slept for ten hours straight.
  • There was another night that Bubbles woke up in the middle of the night ... and self-soothed herself back to sleep ... By NOISILY sucking on her fist.
    She woke up with the REDDEST cheeks, since she had wiped her slobber-hands on her cheeks repeatedly. They started looking better once I put some cream on them. They looked MUCH better the next day.
  • I had a physical ... I'm in fine health. Got my cholesterol tested. Haven't heard the results.
    It's been about ten years since I had it tested ... as far as I know of. 
  • I won some truffles at my sister-in-law (T2)'s baby shower.
    I recognized song lyrics (as I walked back into the room) as being from "Brahm's Lyllabye."
    Yes, I AM a Wikipedia addict.
    No, I haven't memorized the lyrics yet. Not even the German ones.
    (Freyja jumped into my lap as I'm typing. She licked my arms. I can handle cats licking me. I don't like it when dogs lick me. Cats have drier, though scratchier, tongues.)
    (RANDOM FACT: I had a VERY tough time learning how to spell "tongue." Also "exercise,"
    license," and "genuine." Why are these words so tricky???)
  • I impressed people with my MAD MOBY-WRAP SKILLZ.
    I learned how to turn Bubbles (who's developed her neck muscles enough) from a "hug hold" into a forward-facing hold. And I don't have to redo the wrap AT ALL.
    BOO and YEAH.
  • I bought a new pair of shoes. And a new pair of jeans.
  • I got the kiddos registered for a little sports camp. They'll get to play T-ball, Biddyball (which is basketball), and soccer. We got them new (lace-up) shoes.
    We need to teach them to tie their shoes. *sigh*
    Bubbles will NOT play those sports. She's too small.
  • Bucket told me today that she "LOVES [Bubbles] because she LOVES BABIES."
    I told her that will come in very handy when she's a mom.
  • Bruise tells us that he loves Bubbles because "she's a new kid."
    (Does that mean she's got ... wait for it ... the right stuff??? *rimshot*)
    (Bad early 90s boyband joke for the ... win?)
    (No, actually I WASN'T a fan of NKOTB. I had friends that were.)
  • Nana got results back from her MRI. She does have dementia.
    But it's not a tumor ... so that's ... something.
  • We still have a lot of random, scouting ants in the house. Not as many as there were.
    And the number of pervert ants (crawling around in the shower) has VASTLY decreased.
  • I've gotten a little addicted to my free-version "Draw Something" app on my phone.
  • I got to try a crepe. It had chocolate-hazelnut filling. And fresh whipped cream.
    Yes, you should be jealous. It's okay to admit it. ^_^
  • We bought an ice-cream maker at Costco. It was on sale (even better!) ... We made vanilla ice cream. It was even better after we froze it so it was more solid.
  • I had a two-day streak (RECORD!!) of exercising ... but Bubbles wasn't really supportive of it. So my motivation petered out. Oh well.
    But it would be really nice to be rid of this muffin top.
  • I got caught up with Neatorama and mental_floss ... so I feel like I'm more interesting.
    At least it gives me more to talk about than JUST my kiddos. ^_^
That's really most of what I can recall ... which, sadly, isn't all that much.
Things to look forward to this coming week:
  • Michael will be home tomorrow.
    Yet another thing I need to thank our soldiers for.
  • Mom's coming up tomorrow.
  • I'll be donating blood ... Haven't done that for a while (like 9 months).
  • Payday's coming up. That's always nice.
  • We're going to get the grill that we had to have a rain check on/for/whatever preposition should be used. I don't know.
  • I need to use lavender in cooking. I think I'll make a lavender-infused sugar syrup. And use it in making lemonade.
    I also need to use the hazelnuts/filberts (they're the same thing. It's like mountain lion/puma/cougar.) to make homemade Nutella.
  • Housework. Lots and lots of housework. ...
And that's most of what all is going on around here.
That and we've been watching The IT Crowd on Netflix ... HILARIOUS.
I adore Moss the most. But I do get tempted to answer the phone like Roy ("I.T. ... Have you tried turning it off and on again?")

Well ... I think that's it.
If I've forgotten anything vital, I'm sure that Michael'll remind me in the comments. ^_^

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