Thursday, May 03, 2012

More stuff ...

So, the sinks still aren't draining.

  • We planted Bruise and Bucket's tomato plants from school.
  • And the carrot seeds.
  • They got to play outside.
  • We went to their classroom for Open House conferences ... we were the only ones there
    (Besides their teacher and student teacher ... So I got to chat. It was nice. We'll sign a permission form and the Speech teacher will see if Bruise would benefit from Speech class. ... His "r"s sometimes/often come out as more of a "w." We work at having him correctly pronounce things ... but ... He's gotten lots better. But it still leaves some room for improvement.)
  • We got the kids' Spring Pictures from school. They look cute! And we also have a FULL Morning Kindergarten class picture (Fall's class picture was just the kids' classroom. AM Kinders are two combined classrooms.)
  • I'm a few more pages into the library book that's due TOMORROW.
    I think that I'm just going to have to put it on hold again later. *sigh* I hate that.
  • I made corn dogs.
  • I'm going to have to wash the dishes in a bathroom sink or in a bathtub. *double sigh*
  • I can't find Freyja-cat. I'm going to look harder.
    Update - She was asleep on Bruise's bed (top bunk), under the covers.
    I've been pwned by my cat. Totally.
And, while I'm typing all this?
All three kids are happily watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
Yes, even the two-month (as of TODAY) old.

Yup, that's awesome parenting right there.
Lose the cat (Or, at least, lose TO her at Hide-And-Seek) and have all the kids watching cartoons.
Winning!!! (Ha. Whatever.)

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