Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Draw Something Drawback

So, last night, as I was checking Draw Something (yes, I've gotten a bit addicted), one person left a comment after not getting my drawing of "checkers" (In which, I MIGHT ADD, even though it was NOT that well done, I DID write "King me!" ... which is a dead giveaway. Which s/he didn't even wait to see before passing.) ...

Their comment got me down a little ...

The comment?

"Learn to dram wtf or write it out."

So, yeah, there I am feeling rather miffed at a complete stranger being that ... well, b-word-y about a GAME.
It's not like you WIN ANYTHING AT ALL for getting more words right.

And, if you are playing random people, you're taking your chances.

How did I make myself feel better?

By visualizing how I COULD have responded.
(Instead of resigning/ending our match. If s/he doesn't like my attempts at drawing, s/he doesn't have to play, do does s/he?)

I did think about leaving what I had done before learning how to delete a partner (Yay for Google!) ... which was: 1) Pick the hardest word given. 2) Start drawing something. 3) Erase it. 4)Just turn empty pages and then select that I'm done and send it to the other person.
What I DIDN'T do was 5) Comment "Then try THIS, B****."
Or, really, what I ALMOST wrote was "[Be more constructive/don't be so negative] with your criticism."

I mean, really. Would it have KILLED you to use a smiley?

There's a difference (especially to a sensitive/hormonal person like me between
Learn to dram wtf or write it out :) AND Learn to dram wtf or write it out.

Then I realized that I was getting upset/offended by someone who can't even spell DRAW.

That's just pitiful.

Though, really ... since I don't like to use profanities that much (Don't get me wrong. I say "crap" and "damn" and "hell" much more than I probably NEED to. Oh well.), but instead of calling that person a b-word (Though the statement WAS rather b****y. There are MANY other ways to express oneself than just being like that. How about, "That was too tough. Maybe you could write out the answer next time." or something.)

(However, I still wouldn't really. Because 1) In Draw Something, you just have to fill in the letters. They GIVE you the answer. If I can't get it right? It's because I'm NOT THINKING HARD ENOUGH. The onus is on ME, guessing. Some of the drawings aren't as helpful as they should be. So what? I'm using the free version of the app. I'm not losing anything by getting it wrong. And 2) Since Michael's family plays a lot of Pictionary, I try not to write down words. Because that's cheating.)

SO, if you can't guess my (less-than-stellar, I'll admit) drawing, when the answer is practically GIVEN (you know how many letters ... and they give you the letters. Sometimes more than what you need, but still! The answer is there!! Just jumbled!), dude ... just suck it up that YOU are not that clever/creative at that moment in time. Let it go.

No need to insult your partner.

Especially because, if it EVER happens again, I'm probably going to answer "Sod off, tosser."

Since, I obvs don't mind being crass in British slang.
I'm not sure why ...

And, REALLY!! If you're going to insult me, at least spell it correctly. And make it make SENSE.

I mean, someone has to have standards, right?

In all honesty, my checkerboard was NOT drawn well. But it WAS red and black. And I did write "King me!"
If that random person was at all patient, s/he'd most likely HAVE gotten it.

Also, if you write out something in Draw Something, I'm not going to lambaste you.
But I usually won't write it out.
I have to keep in practice for the C Family Pictionary rounds.
We're kind of brutal.

Like the one time that Sister-in-law-squared (our husbands are brothers), A and I were drawing against each other.
Michael got it. C didn't.
She looked at my paper and cried, "We drew the same thing!! How come your fiance got it and mine didn't??"
I, caught up in the heat of the game, crowed, "Because MY fiance is smarter than yours!"

Now, due the the nature of our competitions with Pictionary, that would normally be rude and shocking.
Not so with the cutthroat rounds of Pictionary that I've grown accustomed to.

Seriously, they all just laughed. Even C.
They're good sports.

... "learn to dram" ... Learn to dram, indeed.


With that all said, if you do play Draw Something and you want to play ... let me know.
If you don't have me on Facebook, my username on Draw Something is, predictably, LlannaLee. ^_^

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