Saturday, May 05, 2012

Our Cinquo de Mayo ... and it involves the sinks

Michael's going to get his brother, C, to help us with the sinks.
Since C can fit under the house. We cannot. :S

But, at least the blockage is limited to just the kitchen and laundry room sinks. The washer works, the bathtubs and toilets are fine. It could be much, much worse.

And, thanks to the borrowed dehumidifier, the one couch cushion that I worked at cleaning is almost totally dry. Phew!

I also put a cover/plate on an outlet in the kids' room. And we took down the broken venetian blind on the laundry room door and installed/put on a window cover. It's like wallpaper, but for a window.
The one we got makes the window look like it's etched glass. It still lets the light in, but gives some privacy (in case someone comes to the door and I'm loading the washer/dryer in my skivvies.

I also sprayed the bathroom ceiling with bleach and Tilex. It's looking a lot better.

I'm going to have to do a load of dishes. In the bathtub. That'll be interesting.

Bubbles's 2-month check-up went well. She's growing, not as fast as she had been ... but her doctor isn't worried. She's a healthy, happy, vocal girl. Who got three shots and some drops for vaccinations. But she took it pretty well. I was happy about that. ^_^

I asked about issues with the older kids, who were at school.
I was able to describe the tiny bumps on Bruise's arm (complete with the fact that, when squeezed, there was a tiny ball inside) well enough that their doctor was impressed. And gave me a diagnosis. And how to treat them.
He has Molluscum. And to treat it, you just pop the warts and get the ball of virus out.
Then WASH YOUR HANDS, since it's contagious.
Which is what I had done.
It's nice to know that I have pretty good instincts on that.

So I've tackled about all the Molluscum. Which makes Bruise scream (since there's a little bit of blood at each site). But we should be done with those. Phew!

(Seriously, Spring. What gives? First head lice, then Molluscum?? ... Oh, that's right. ... Which bring me to number three:)

I notice that my eye/cheek was sore ... Turns out that I have a sty on my lower eyelid. Yeah. It just hurts and will go away on its own. But, when I blink hard or wince? I'm VERY AWARE of that area.

Freyja-cat still is doing well on her Kitty Prozac.

We went out to the local comic shop for Free Comic Book Day.
They were out of the Star Wars/Serenity one (I really wanted to read the Serenity story).
But I was able to get one that's The Guild and Buffy.
And, since I bought a couple Serenity graphic novels, I was able to nab some extra free comics. One's got a story about The Dark Crystal ... They should be good ones.

And Michael made us burritos for dinner for Cinquo de Mayo.

In other good news, my Target Beauty Bag arrived. There weren't as many samples as in past bags. But I still love samples. ^_^ This one has a travel pack of facial wipes, a Pantene shampoo, a Nivea lotion, a Neutrogena facial cleanser, and a facial primer from L'Oreal. And a little book of coupons. Which expire at the end of the month.

Also, yesterday, we took Bubbles to Mom and Dad's so she could get grandma-time. The kids, Michael, and I went to watch The Avengers. It was REALLY good. We're definitely buying it when it comes out.
Now, I'm going to let you know that I'm a Whedon fan-girl. He did a great job. The dialogue is pretty awesome. And the storyline flows well.
He always is a firm believer of "kill your darlings," so be aware that someone's going to die.
(I'm still bitter about Wash in Serenity. But, really, I'd have been bitter about ANY of the main characters' deaths in that 'Verse.)
And, if you haven't gone ... just be aware that you need to stay through the credits. TO THE VERY END.

The kids were a little cranky afterwards ... but, overall, it was good.

When we went to pick up Bubbles, we got to visit with some more family. Grandpa C's brother and his wife (so Michael's great-uncle and -aunt) were there.
Uncle B's voice is VERY similar to Grandpa C's ... so it was good to hear a version of his voice again.
(but I might have been a little close for a tic.)

Okay, Bubbles is freaking out. I'd better change a diaper or rock her or something.

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