Sunday, May 06, 2012

Thumbsucker ... and other stuff

Looks like Bubbles is going to take after me ... she's sucking her thumb.
I was a thumbsucker ... My mom had to help me quit with a twelve-step reward-based program when I was going into preschool.

During Sacrament meeting this morning, I was putting Bucket's hair BACK into a ponytail.
So, I took her to Primary so she could say the prayer, then she, Bubbles, and I left church to break the Sabbath (ox in the mire!) to buy lice shampoo. Which we then applied.
And I combed all through her hair, where I found .... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
Then we watched videos on YouTube with Bubbles until Michael and Bruise came home from church.
(Mostly Titli's Busy Kitchen and some Bollywood.)

So, I'm just guessing that I missed ONE EGG last time.
And this last louse standing met an ignominious death via my fingernails.
Mwha ha ha.

I've got almost all the dishes done and put away.
And Bucket helped to wash some.
Which we did in the bathtub.

Bruise was on Bubbles-duty. Not the dish-soap bubbles ... the watching-his-little-sister-and-attempting-to-keep-her-happy-and-NO-just-telling-her-"Shhhh!-while-you-play-a-video-game-isn't-cutting-it type of Bubbles duty.

I need to take Bucket's stuffed animals out of the dryer. And wash her bedding. JUST IN CASE.

Still, one louse is MUCH better than two.

And, as Michael was bringing me dishes to wash, he had to take out a pile of pans because they were CRAWLING with ants.
So gross.
And he had to spray out some more dishes with the hose since I hadn't gotten to them before the sinks stopped up.
Good times, good times.

So I need to mop the kitchen floor and get rid of all the dead ants. Ugh.

I still need to read my library books. And clean the rest of the house ... But I mostly just want to take a nap.
And moisturize my hands. They're really dry after all the lice shampoo and dish soap.

Bubbles seems to like the Moby wrap more than the sling ... I think it's because I'm newer at using the sling. Once we get used to it, I think it'll be a great thing. It is easier to put on. And to carry around.

Okay ... I should go be productive.

The day of rest? Ha!
I wish.
Oh, I really wish.

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