Monday, June 04, 2012

okay, I'm going to write this ... today .... eventually ....

Seriously, EVERY time I start to get ready to blog today ...

nevermind. Bubbles needs me again. *sigh* Let me get her settled. Again.

So, Thursday, Bruise forgot his lunch. Left it sitting right on the counter. So I send him to school Friday with an envelope of money to pay for his lunch.
This morning? I find it, as I'm stepping out to walk them to the bus, on the front porch.
But he BETTER take it to the office today. That's it!

The kids had a dental appointment Friday afternoon. Bucket has no cavities. Yay!
Bruise will go in to have the cavities on the backs of his front teeth treated ... so, in effect, he has no NEW cavities. Yay!

Now, here's the beef from this weekend (last couple weeks).
SO, May 19, we get a raincheck for a grill at Fred Meyer. They were supposed to give us a call when the grill came in by the 26th (as soon as they got a new shipment. Within the week, really).
They did NOT call.
The rain check had a wrong number written on it when I tried to call (on the 27th).
The WEBSITE had a (different) wrong number listed. Seriously??
I eventually found the RIGHT number (the rain check had the wrong prefix written. Understandable ... but, really?)

I talked to a great employee ... was promised that we'd be called. And told that the seasonal manager (since APPARENTLY our rain check wasn't in the home/garden section, but in the seasonal section. Which is locked. And the manager only works until 4 ... *sigh*) wasn't there.

We went back Friday (TWO WHOLE WEEKS. When we were told one week later ... There went our plans for BBQ during the holiday weekend. *sigh*) ... Nothing.

Michael's going to pick it up today. Phew.
Because I was getting REALLY TIRED of being blown off by a store that can't even list its correct PHONE NUMBER on the COMPANY WEBSITE.

(What's REALLY sad? For me ... Christmas doesn't feel the same without shopping at Fred Meyer. Probably because Mom and I always seem to hit Freddy's for the sock sale on Black Friday. Well, whenever we have Thanksgiving together. So, like, every other year, now. ... So, WHY, Freddy's? WHY ARE YOU BETRAYING ME? WHY ARE YOU BLOWING ME OFF?? I LOVE YOU!! TAKE ME BACK! LOVE ME AGAIN!!)

(Now that THAT'S out of my system ... Phew.)

And Bubble is crying again. JUST as Freyja-cat has jumped, purring, on my lap.
Oh ... conundrum!!!!

Okay ... changed a diaper ... and she's screaming in her swing. *sigh* Just let me write!!!

Got the kiddos all signed up for the Summer Reading Program. We're currently reading HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban for story-story (bedtime story).

I got a new external HD ... Now I don't have to freak out about my full one. Phew!

(Bubbles stopped crying. She's still awake ... but not crying. PHEW!!)

I need to watch movies again. As soon as Avengers is on DVD (well, knowing Michael, THAT'S a Blu-Ray purchase), I'm ready to watch it again. (I'm actually ready NOW ... but it's expensive going to the movies).
I keep meaning to rewatch some that we already have. Hitch, Cinderella, Downton Abbey (season one. I'll buy season two in a couple weeks. ^__________^) ... AAAAAAAND I have a ton of things on the netflix Instant Queue. *sigh*

I'm really not all that exciting right now ... I need to do housework. And I need to figure out what to cook. I need a shower.
Yup. I'm a wild and crazy creature.

So ... yeah.
And I NEED to clean off my desk. And the counters.
I did paint my toes this weekend. And, while I was doing THAT, I was listening to Pandora radio on my phone while cleaning up the bathroom counters. They look better. It's CRAZY how much brighter the bathroom looks when the counters aren't covered in (figurative) crap! CRAZY!!

The kids only have this week and next week (well, Wednesday of next week) of school.
Then there are TONS of stuff to do (or that we CAN do) for summer.
They have a little "Multi-Sport Academy" which will let them try T-Ball, Biddy Ball (basketball), and soccer.
They want swim lessons ... so I should get them signed up for THAT.
There are also playdates to schedule and activities for Summer Reading Program and those offered by the Visitor's Association ...
There are places to visit ... and places to GO (The Zoo, OMSI, the Aquarium ... maybe drive up to Astoria/Tillamook/Seaside) ....
After we buy a tent soon, we'll go camping ...
There are TWO family reunions in July ... thankfully, both are local. One (mine) is just a couple miles away from our house. Phew!! ... That beats last year's, when we went camping (and I puked in the bushes at our campsite. Thanks, morning sickness, you witch.) and then we COULDN'T FIND THE PARK where the reunion was. And it's not like I had a number to call. (Unlike when it's been at a distant family member's HOUSE.) Grrrrr. Yeah. AND it was on a Sunday and, driving around to find it, I had to HUGEST CRAVING for Taco Bell ... we ended up picking some up on the way back home. And then I threw THAT all up. *Sigh* Very frustrating. ... But that won't be the case this time. Thank goodness.
(Instead, we'll just run over after church. Much better. ^_^)

And I'm taking Bruise to the doctor's. Those warts/Molluscum? They're not going away.
I'm tired of treating them. And Bruise is EVEN MORE TIRED of my treating them.
If it were possible, I'd be up for a chemical peel that'd allow us to start with new skin for him.
Stupid viruses.

Freyja-cat is still doing really well on her kitty-Prozac. Phew.

And Bucket's fish are all doing well. With the algae-eater, we haven't had to clean the tank at all. Iggy does a fine job at keeping it crystal clear and clean. And the kiddos LOVE when he is "in China." (Hanging out in the little decoration/house in the tank.)

So ... yeah. I should shut up and vacuum. And do the dishes. And clean the stove (AGAIN. It stinks. SO NASTY).

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Jennifer said...

Jonathan is doing the Sports camp thing too! We'll probably see you there :)

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