Tuesday, May 04, 2010

A week and a day ... in one post ...

Yes, I know that I suck at posting regularly right now.

I was going to blog yesterday morning ... and I had nothing to write about.
At least nothing that I could think to write.

We are now out of credit card debt! YAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!
We are caught up on bills. YAY!!!
We've paid our tithing (MOST IMPORTANT, really.)
Good stuff, huh?

And I got around to spending some of my birthday money from Grampy and from Nana.
I bought myself a new purse, a metal water bottle, a new pair of tweezers, some face stuff (new moisturizer and face wash) and a Soap and Glory lotion (Hey, it was on clearance and it smells WONDERFUL!) ... I also bought some things at the YW Garage Sale (along with getting a few things for free, since I was there all day and got to pick through some of the things that didn't sell. AND WE MADE OUR GOAL! YAY!!!!).

What all did I get? A gorgeous teddy bear for Bucket, a stuffed Darth Vader for Bruise's bed, a copy of The History of Joseph Smith by His Mother, a couple plastic glasses for Bucket (since Bruise has more cute cups), a little Strawberry Shortcake flatware set for Bucket, some hangers for the kids' closet, a pool noodle, a pair of shoes ... a couple other books. Really, if you missed it, you missed some great deals. I almost got Bruise a Star Wars tent and a couple of radio receivers (STILL NO CALL SIGN, by the way. LAAAAAAAME!) ... but I waited too long and they went to other homes (and truly, I do have a LOT of stuff in our house. I really don't NEED all the things that I COULD have bought and didn't).

I'm getting ahead of myself, I'm sure. ... Well, not really. I told you about getting out of (most of our) debt, getting bills paid (I know, our life is TOTALLY EXCITING! You're SO jealous, huh?), the YW garage sale (which I woke up at FIVE IN THE MORNING for ... so you KNOW that I love my Young Women).

As the garage sale was closing up, I got a call from Michael (who had dropped by and brought me lunch, that wonderful man), telling me that our sister-in-law (who's pregnant) was in the hospital. And that I needed to meet him in the next town, where he was with all the kids (our two and their three cousins). So, I helped ferry some boxes across town, gave up hope for a relaxing bubble bath after nearly nine hours of helping run the garage sale, and scurried over to the park they were at. (Michael's brother had run back to his home to get things for his wife and to get stuff so the cousins could sleep over and attend church with us the next morning). We finalized plans with Michael's brother after the kids played for a while, got a pizza over at WinCo, and met Michael's brother back at the hospital.

Turns out that with this pregnancy, my sister-in-law has placenta previa, so she will have a C-section when this daughter is born. She was in the hospital, being monitored and all, a couple days (she got to go home yesterday), and they'll be meeting this week with a high-risk doctor. She's 32 weeks along right now. The local hospitals around won't have her deliver here for at least another month. So, if you can pray that she and the baby can make it to at least 36 weeks, that'd be AWESOME. If not, they'll have to go all the way down to Eugene (which is the closest NICU) to deliver ... and find someplace to stay down there for a few weeks. And make sure that their oldest daughter has someone to stay at their house, since she's in school ... But, yeah. Life will be LOTS easier if they can make it to at least 36 weeks.

So, we took the kids to church with us. And we sat in the SECOND row (we ALWAYS sit in the first row, since it's by the door and we can take our munchkins out quickly and without much of a fuss if we need to) ... which was noticed by QUITE A FEW people.
You KNOW it's bad when an 11-year-old girl asks you, "WHAT? You ALWAYS sit in the front!!" *lol* Maybe you had to be there. ^_^

But sacrament meeting went rather well. One of our nieces really doesn't have the concept of whispering down. And there were a few squabbles over crayons and books. Bruise cuddled in my lap and told me that he wanted to go home and play. Our nephew snuggled in Michael's lap and nearly fell asleep.
And, OH, but our kids' Primary teacher is AMAZING. She handled having our two nieces in her class with no warning with such grace. She's completely full of win and I do adore her so.

Our brother-in-law came at the end of church and followed us home, hung out for a bit, and then took the kids home. Poor guy, had to hang out in our messy, messy house. I have fallen SO behind on housework. Just not motivated to do it (I'd rather be reading, you know).

OH! Friday evening, we had a ward (congregation) potluck. While people were cleaning up, the kids are running around, chasing each other. Except for Bucket, who's just standing by my side as I chat and wait for Michael to get back from helping fix a leaky sink for a gal who must moved out of the ward. And SUDDENLY Bucket's crying and has a bloody nose. So I have to try to get her (1) to the bathroom, (2)to stop crying/screaming, and (3) to STOP WIPING HER NOSE ON HER JACKET FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!!!! ... oh, and (4) to clean up the bathroom so it doesn't look like there was a massacre in there ... ALL while working at stopping the blood and getting her cleaned up. It was .... a little nuts.

Yesterday, I tried to get the kids to nap. Didn't work. So I was irritated. But, when Michael got home, we ran some errands (went to one library to turn in books and pick up holds. Went to the other library to do the same ... and pick up one non-hold book. Stopped by Borders to buy the latest issue of Mental_Floss) and went grocery shopping. Good stuff.

Then I colored my hair. It's a color that I haven't done before. I haven't taken any pictures and since I haven't left the house right yet, I'll be a brat and have you guess what color I did.

(My mom's so cute. When I told her that I dyed my hair last night, so she wouldn't be shocked or anything, she immediately asked, "Purple??")
(HINT: It's not purple. Though that might be fun. Maybe I should get some purple chunks, though?)

And did I mention that my girl is reading? It's crazy. ... I suppose that it's not all THAT crazy, since the kids see me reading, like, ALL THE TIME. But she's my LITTLE! Bruise, if he applies himself, will totally catch up. Speaking of, he needs to do his word cards.

I did a load of dishes. I need to do more. And fold TONS of laundry, vacuum, sweep the kitchen, clean the counters, clean the bathrooms, recover the drip pans on the stove with fresh foil ... well, that'll get me just about caught up.

And I'm going to try to get caught up ... but I have some REALLY GOOD BOOKS checked our that I really want to read. .... CONFLICTED!!!!!!

But, I have today and early tomorrow to get things cleaned. And then my mom'll be up. ^_^

Also, I have very few ideas for what to make for dinner. Any suggestions are awesome! (Or I'll just make homemade tuna helper. It does sound pretty tasty. ^_^)

Oh, also, I cursed at my daughter today. Bad me, huh?
(She didn't want to clear her dishes from the table because she might miss some of her DVD. So I told her to go watch her damn show ... and to not talk to me for a little. Yup, stellar parenting there, huh? Ugh. I need to be more patient and awesome. *sigh*)

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