Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Um ...

I can use the excuse that I've been a little busy. If you were here, you could look at my house and attest to that statement's validity due to the fact that almost all the laundry is washed, we no longer have laundry piled on our bed (it's on the couch only. Score!) and almost all the dishes are done.

And that I was sick in the head and had the bright idea (which, truly is a good thing) to organize the food in the bottom cupboard (and refill the olive oil and baking powder containers near the stove. Which needed to be done).

I've been using oil to clean my face for most of last week. Grapeseed oil. I didn't break out. Even though it was THAT WEEK. If you know what I mean. And I think you do. (As of today, I'm back to normal. Yay!)

I did have a couple zits. I started using some Mary Kay stuff that my lovely, lovely sister-in-law squared (she's the wife of my brother-in-law, you see) gave me since she's dropping out of the Mary Kay business. And, oh, I've been having SUCH FUN with the load of stuff that she let me have. (Also, I owe her TONS of babysitting.)

In fact, this morning, I did the microdermabrasion for the second time (I think the last time I did it was Saturday). I've had this weird rough/textured spot along my jawline for AGES. It's ALMOST TOTALLY GONE! (I think it's like a callus from my resting that side of my chin on my hand so often. That's my theory.) And my pimples are quickly leaving due to the Acne Treatment Gel (I LOVED it when I used it back in high school. ^_^).

Tuesday through Thursday morning, we had fun with Mutti (my mom). We took the kids into town Wednesday (that McDonald's has an indoor play place) when I volunteered. They were watching "The Clone Wars" on the portable DVD player while I was shelving books upstairs (they were in the van, out of the rain) and it ran out of batteries. So Mutti and the kiddos got to explore the library a bit. ... Bruise was getting a little cranky. Poor Mutti.
After volunteering, we went to Trader Joe's (I picked up Jojoba oil and the Orange Blosson scented liquid soap. Smells SO GOOD!) and stopped by a family farm on the way home. I got lip balms (Berry pear, Vanilla Almond, and Eucalyptus Lime) and lavender body mist and massage oil. Mom picked up some DELICIOUS strawberries for dessert.

We headed home. It was SO WINDY! So windy and rainy, in fact, that as we were cooking dinner (chicken in orange sauce and brown rice. Along with mashed cauliflower, salad, and edamame), the power went out. For an HOUR. So dinner was late. Oops! Oh well. It was still pretty tasty!

Thursday, it was actually nice enough outside that, after storytime, the kids got to play at the park. Which made up for my being the MEANEST MOTHER EVAR!!!!1!!one! last week when I felt too much like figurative crap to let MAH PRESHUS BAYBEEES have fun in the sun at the park. So, yeah. My kids love me again. ^_^

I'm still hacking a bit. I'm sure it's not pneumonia (which my mom was worried about). It's probably just sinitus that's REALLY wearing out its welcome (not that it's EVER welcome).
(In fact, Michael's home sick today. Poor guy. :( ... and poor me. I can't even have fun with him since he's sleeping off the nasty plague. Oh well. We'll have fun later.)

Friday, we went and picked up Bruce's train table (It used to be one of their friend's train table. But he wasn't playing with it much. So his mom offered it for sale on Facebook. And I was lucky enough to jump on that first! _^ YAY!!!!) ... which is now sitting in the middle of the living room. At least he's playing with it every day. And, hey, once we invest in some bunk beds for the kiddos, it'll move into their room.

While we were up north, the kids got to play with their friend (and Michael and I got to chat with his parents. One of whom is one of my besties since sixth grade). Then we went to drop off some things at their cousins' house. And we stayed and played and I got the aforementioned FUN FUN Mary Kay things. (Seriously, my feet and hands are SO SOFT between the Satin Hands and the fact that I've been using Jojoba oil on them. And I've been having fun putting on makeup this weekend. Such fun!)

(Now, to feel any prettier, I just need to drop about fifty pounds. ^_^) (Or tone up my fat and stretched-out skin. That'd help.)

I've also been playing a LOT of Plants vs. Zombies. It's crazy-addictive.

I've also had strange dreams. In one, a friend of mine who was just barely pregnant, told me she miscarried. I woke up hoping that this wasn't true at all. ... It was. :( She got hold of me a few hours after I woke up and told me.

I hate it when I have unhappy dreams that come true.
Of course, Michael asked me if it wasn't better to have some advance warning for bad things. He does have a point. ... Though, honestly, I just never want bad things to happen AT ALL.
Because I'm SO realistic like that. :P

But she's really doing well. And they'll try again in a few months. (They're going to make such CUTE and FUN kids.)

We took the kids to the park on Saturday, in between rainstorms. They had fun. Even though the slides were wet enough that their little buns were SOAKED. Poor Bruise was walking like how I did after I rode a horse (YEARS AGO), all wide-legged. Poor guy. And Bucket loves to run. I hope she doesn't lose that. It'll help her to stay in good shape. ^_^

Sunday was a good day. Church was great (as always). We were home-taught. And, in the evening, we got to go visit with a few of our friends that we haven't been able to get together with for a while. We ate delicious food. Everyone's kids played together (after ours finished playing shy). Lots of fun adult conversation. I got to hold a little baby (who slept just about the entire time I held him. Even though I warned him what a scary old woman I am. ^_^).

No, I really don't have baby fever. I do wonder if I SHOULD have more kids sometime. I mean, I feel really fulfilled with Bruise and Bucket. But am I supposed to have more? What if I have one with Cystic Fibrosis or Down's Syndrome or something?

(I hate having possibilities like those up in the air. I mean, I COULD think of it more like, "What if I will bear the future scientist who cures cancer/philanthopist that ends world hunger/etc.?" instead of just focusing on what could go wrong. But, yeah, I'm kinda scared to have more kids. And our house is small. And, really, I'm selfish. I know it.)

(And there's the fact that I don't have insurance and it costs way too much to get my IUD out right now. Yeah. A money tree would solve all our current problems. Anyone have a money tree? ... Though, to be completely honest, if all our problems can be solved by throwing money at them, they're not THAT BIG of problems.)

But, yeah. I've been reading books, playing computer games, cleaning the house ... and not blogging a whole lot. Sorry!

But did I mention that I have VERY soft skin? I totally DO! ^_^
And I got to socialize! That's pretty amazing!

... Now I just have to make time to finish my library books (and watch the movies from the libraries) and Daria. Oh, I've missed Daria so, so much.

And I get to eagerly await when "Backseat Saints" comes out. Then I'll get a signed copy of that (and of "The Girl Who Stopped Swimming") sent to me. Exciting!!!

And I really, really hope that this stupid allergy/sinitus/cold/PLAGUE is completely gone by then.

Hey, at least I'm not dry-heaving due to the cough anymore. That really freaked out Bruise Thursday morning. And he IMMEDIATELY ran down the hall, "Mutti!!! [Bucket]!! Mommy frew up in da SINK!!!" ... Which freaked my poor mom out, "Allanna? Do we need to take you to Urgent Care? I have money."

I declined. I just am drinking more water to flush out the nasty nastiness. Besides, of the last few weeks when I've had this (off and on), I've only brought up food, like, ONCE. No biggie.

Well, I should get the laundry folded. And all this water really makes me have to pee. And I really don't want to do that while I'm sitting in my computer chair. Because that'd be gross and messy.

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I love you. Feel better.

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