Thursday, May 27, 2010

Crazy Dream Chronicles - May 26 night/ 27 morning

This dream was one that I was actually a bit bummed to wake up from.

In it, we had been seeing Gingi-cat's ghost. We apparently saw it so often that it was totally normal.

"Oh, there's the ghost of Gingi again." "Look. Ginger's ghost is there now."

And then, for whatever reason, our ottoman was near the computer. And Ging jumped on it. And I reached out, out of habit, to pet her.

And she was tangible.

And I held her.
And I pet her.

And Michael could touch her, too.

And Mom and the kids got up. And they could see her and pet her.


And then I had to wake up.


Yes, it's been 300 days. Exactly. 9 months and 27 days.
And I still miss her.
Most days I do okay.

Then I get something wonderful like this and it hits me.

Michael just says maybe I'm having this dream so I'll be ready for the resurrection.
I'd better get ready a LOT faster than I've been doing lately. Because, in my dream, I didn't look much older than I presently am.

But, yeah. That's the only dream that I had lately that really sticks out.

Besides the REALLY crazy one where I was a pretty Asian girl. Who liked kissing other girls. WEIRD. Really weird.

I don't like dreams where I want to wake up and scream, "But I'm NOT a lesbian!!"
(It might make Michael a little worried.)
(And no offense if you are a lady who's attracted to other ladies. I just don't swing that way. You're still a lovely person and the Lord loves you very much.)

These pseudo-real dreams are starting to wig me out.
Because either I don't want them to come true and they DO. :(
Or I'd REALLY like them to be true and they AREN'T. :( :(

Stupid subconscious. Why can't I just have the regular-crazy-butt type dreams?

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