Monday, April 26, 2010

And there was much rejoicing ...

... for our tax rebate FINALLY ARRIVED.
And it is now deposited in our account.
And my heart has stopped racing and my brain is fretting a whole HECKUVA lot less.

We had a great time at our playdate today ... it was kinda funny that the KIDS didn't play together with each other so much. But S and I had a good time talking (well, at least I had a very nice time. I suppose that you'd have to ask her for her opinion. ^_^)

I talked to my Dad and my Nana. Uncle Mike's doing better. Barely using his wheelchair ... he's mostly using his cane and putting some weight on the furniture. ^_^ He's stubborn. ^_^ Runs in the family, huh?

But, yeah ... the tax rebate came in. PHEW! I was social. PHEW! I'm getting the YW Calendars done. PHEW! Turned in books before they were due. PHEW!
Things are starting to come together.

Still no call sign ... But, hey, I can handle that.


Satina said...

Congrats on the moola! And yes, I did have a good time too. I think it is funny that it was more a social date for us rather than a playdate for the kids. They barely said two words to eachother the whole time. It is such a funny age. But I do think they all had fun and their were goodbye HUGS at the end. So all is good! Thanks for coming over!

Bonnie-Jean said...

Oh the joys of small things! :)

Counting ...

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