Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Just a note ...

So, YES, I'm VERY late to jump on the awesome-trend that is NieNie (Stephanie Nielson of The NieNie Dialogues).

I mean, I've known about her for a couple years, since I used to be a regular reader of a couple bloggers who are related to her (they're both friends of Eric D. Snider, who is amazingly hilarious and snarky ... and, in his blog, he recommended some of his friends' blogs.), so I was aware of when she (NieNie) and her husband were in the plane crash.

But I really didn't start reading her blog.

And I have a few friends who RAVE about her blog.

And I kinda put it off.

But, after the newest MormonMessages on YouTube, I HAD to start reading.

She is truly inspiring.

Reading her blog ... well, it makes me want to be a better person and a better mom.

And, seriously, some reader sent her hate mail about getting her hair and a pedicure. Ouch! Even if her family WERE living solely upon the donations of others (which they're NOT. The donations go to cover their medical costs), (1) it's not really anyone's business and (2) seriously, she LIVED through a plane crash, is a good mother of a large family, has daily medical issues ... Heck, if I had the funds, I'd send her to a spa for a month!!

But, yeah. I'm not at all caught up on her blog. And I'm reading going back, which is a little crazy for me.

But if you want a glimpse of an amazing lady, you should go and check it out.

Unlike me, she actually posts pictures. Like, EVERY DAY.

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