Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Aftermath ...

It was a pretty quiet Mother's Day, really. Pretty quiet weekend, all truth be told.

Since paying off all the credit card debt and getting caught up on tithing, if I said that money was a little tight, that'd be a bit of an understatement. But, by June, we'll have money. We can start SAVING, which will be GREAT.

The big news is that my mom saw a GREAT DEAL on a computer (CPU and monitor for $399) and that was my Mother's Day present. From my wonderful Mom. And a printer with wireless capabilities. (I really think that she covered Mother's and Father's Day ... since Michael has his laptop back AND is able to print from anywhere in the house. Which he's wanted to do for, oh, FOREVER. ^_^)

We looked around Farmer's Market Saturday morning but didn't get anything. We missed most of the Family Fair at the library ... we had tried to get the kids to take a nap. And Michael thought the fair STARTED at 4. (It was from 2-4. Oops.) And Bruise spilled half a cup of juice in the hall at the library. Urgh! (<-- That is SO a word. I JUST used it.)

Also, speaking of words ... I was THRILLED that on Glee last week, they TOTALLY used the word "man whore." REPEATEDLY.

I started using that back in, like, 2002. That is MY WORD. And it's famous now!
(Hey, I think it's absolutely hypocritical that girls who sleep around are called bad names and that there wasn't a word for guys who do that, really. I mean, "player" comes close ... but "man whore?" TOTALLY describes a guy like that.)

(It's so MY word.)

Back to the weekend ... In Sacrament Meeting at church, Bucket wouldn't get up to sing with the rest of the Primary kids. She clung to my arm and was all, "Noooo. I want to stay with YOOOOOOOOOOOO!" So Bruise was the only child representative up with the rest of the group.

And did he sing?

Nope! He just stood there, trying to hide behind the taller kids (easy) and smiled at me. Didn't open his mouth once, silly boy.

The kiddos made cards/pictures in Sunbeams (paint on their hands to create a flower). Bucket's flower is, of course, purple. Bruise's is red, naturally. Bucket didn't want to give me hers. Ha! (I won. They're on the fridge right now.)

On the way home, Bruise declared that he did NOT want Mac 'n' Cheese when we got home (Sad, but true: Our Sunday lunch tradition is Mac and Cheese ... so that the kids don't ask for it EVERY SINGLE DAY. ), he wanted a PB&J.
Michael: Okay. But what does MOMMY want for lunch? It's Mother's Day. What does she want for lunch and dinner?
Me: ... Oh, gosh, I don't really know. Let me think ...
Bruise: Moooom??
Me: Yeah, sweetie, what?
Bruise: You want fish-eye sooooop.
Me: *laughs and laughs and laughs*

Now, if you're wondering about that, this is a bit of an unspoken family tradition from MY childhood. When I'd whine about being hungry and wanting to know what was for dinner, my mom would tease me by telling me we were having fish-eye soup or worm pizza. ... And I've continued the family torture.

And I was GREATLY AMUSED that Bruise is carrying out this joke. Good job, little man. Good job.

So, yeah ... that's a lot of what's keeping me busy.

And, for the record, Michael made me stir fry last night. Yum!
Also, I'm incredibly behind in folding laundry and doing dishes. That's what this week is for, right?
In other news, my brother-in-law and his wife have gotten me addicted to playing Plants vs. Zombies. (Michael is, understandably, less than thrilled.

In other, OTHER news, I'm actually back on the Windows Instant Messenger (What is it, Windows Live Messenger? I still call it MSN IM. Because I'm OLD SKOOL. ... Or just old.) ... but I'm still on GoogleTalk. I just have less family on Gtalk. *sigh* But I LOVE the Google! Oh well.

But I hope that all you moms had a wonderful Mother's Day. And that everyone was able to wish their mommas a happy Mother's Day (as far as circumstances allow, of course. I think shouting it to the sky or whispering it totally counts if your mom/stepmom/grandma/whoever has already passed).

Okay. I think that's all I have for blogging. *sigh*


Brooke said...

Man Whore...I like it, but I still don't think it adequately degrades a man as much as calling a woman a whore degrades women... I mean, to a guy being given the status of man whore is almost a compliment...

Allanna said...

Well, when you say it with a tone of utter and complete disgust, it helps.

And, yeah, some guys are proud of philandering. ... Nothing a couple of Chuck Norris-style roundhouses to the head wouldn't cure. ... Well, maybe more than a couple. :P

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