Thursday, May 06, 2010

Unveiling ...

Here's the new haircolor ... thanks to the magic that is my dinky little (BUT WORKING!) webcam.

I had to color it twice to get a really good color. I first did Feria #40 (Espresso) ... and, well, it looked like I missed a few spots and it wasn't as deep of a color as I was hoping for.

So I went and grabbed some Clariol Perfect 10 in #5 (Mochalotive) ... and Michael was kind enough to put it in my hair and make sure that EVERY. SINGLE. STRAND was covered.

And, as you can tell, he did an awesome job. We joked that he may have missed his calling in life as a hair stylist. ^_^

And, I'm glad to report, my mom likes it! She didn't even bemoan a little that her baby wasn't blonde anymore. ^_^

And Michael likes it.

I'm lucky to have a husband who supports my little forays (Woot! That WAS the word I was looking for! I looked it up, just to check! I am the WORD MEISTER!! :P) into messing with my hair and nail polish color. (Seriously, China Glaze Thataway (tangerine with a gold shimmer) looks AMAZING with my favorite pair of Birks. In case that's ever on Jeopardy or something. :P)

He did mention that it's kind of fun when I color my hair, since each different color seems to highlight a different aspect/facet of my personality.

So I had to quiz him about how I'm different with each hair color.
Here's the breakdown for the colors that I've had:
  • Blonde: More sensual (whatever he means by that ... I was going to guess that I was more bubbly as a blonde. Guess I was WRONG. :P)
  • Red: More vibrant
  • Black: More aggressive. And he hastened to clarify that being aggressive isn't a bad thing.
  • My natural hair color (a dark blonde): More subdued.
  • This color: ... Well, I've only had it for a couple days. We'll see. ^_^
Kind of funny, though that my hair color does effect my personality.

But, I guess it makes sense that when I get kind of bored, I usually break out of that funk by changing up my hair and/or nails.

Maybe I just am subconsciously trying to act however a gal with [color] hair would act?

I think the brown hair does look a little more elegant than what I was sporting (a redder shade of my natural color) ... and I do like it. I've always wanted to be a brunette. And, truly, that month where I had black hair? That was FUN. (In fact, Michael always suggests that I go for the black hair again. Maybe because he noticed how fun I found it?)

And, yeah, it's fun to have nail polish on ... and to shake it up.

This is yet another reason why it's really good that I don't have a tattoo or any body piercings. I get bored of things. And it's so cheap and easy for my to switch up my nails and/or hair. ... This was one of the more expensive dye jobs I've given myself ... and it was just around $20. (I can think of two, maybe three, other times that I've used more than one dye. Still, every time, it was under $40 total to fix whatever I've done to my hair. And that even covers trying to go from Jet Black to Platinum Blonde ... which you really SHOULD go to a salon or a professional to do it successfully. ^_^)

But ... yeah. So ... who loves my hair? ^_^ I do!



I love your hair...but love you crack me up.

Emily said...

I love it, I want to have a beautiful brown hair but it makes me look so pale.

Satina said...

I like it... a LOT! You always look beautiful though, and you have the coloring that you can have fun and wear any color. I cannot pull off blonde or red, not a good look for me! I did the blonde highlights recently though. I am still deciding if I like it. I had "virgin hair" until a few weeks ago when I let my neighbor highlight it.

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