Thursday, May 06, 2010

My presssssssssshussssssssssssh!!!

Michael will get his laptop back.

Because, for Mother's Day, my mommy bought me a new computer.
Staples was having a GREAT deal. We got the last one in stock, even.
(Compaq Presario CQ5320F, if you really want to know. With a new monitor. So it's all matchy-match and gorgeous.)

And it's so, so, so pretty. Wonderfully pretty. And fast. And possessing Windows 7.

And did I mention that it's PRETTY?

Also, my mom let me pick out some plants at Home Depot to replace the (now-dead) butterfly garden sprouts and the geranium she gave me for my birthday. So I have some lavender, violas, and two lovely flowers that I don't recall the names of. My bad. ... but I LOVE the lavender. It smells SOOOOO divine.)

Also, in shopping, I spent most of the money that my dad had given me. (Well, after the tax rebate came in, I was able to be reimbursed for the cash Dad had given me ... which had originally [and UNFORTUNATELY] went to paying for gas. BOO! ... BUT my husband is awesome and let me spend that same amount of money however my little heart chose. ^_^)

SO, here's what I ordered online this morning (it's all preorder, so I won't get it for a while, really):
  • Daria: The Complete Animated Series -- Seriously, I've been WAITING for this for OVER a decade. And it's HERE!!!!! It should arrive around May 17 or so.
  • Joshilyn Jackson's Backseat Saints, her NEWEST book ... and, since I ordered it from the link for her virtual book tour, I'll get it (and The Girl Who Stopped Swimming, which is the other book of hers that I hadn't already bought) AUTOGRAPHED. TO ME. WITH MY NAME. Oh, yeah. ... Now, I won't get these until around the middle of June.
So, yeah, I'm VERY EXCITED about my birthday presents. ^_^

AND MY MOTHER'S DAY PRESENT ... I mean, I only got my mom some flowers and some hand soap (which smells GORGEOUS, I must add) from Trader Joe's ... IS AMAZING.

And we got a new printer. It's wireless and I haven't yet set it up ... I REALLY hope that it works. Because that'll make life WAY EASIER. ^_^ ... And I'll be able to print in color again. ^_^

But, yeah. Things like this really do make up for the past money woes. ... Well, at least until I think about how we've never had a big family vacation.
(However, the kids REALLY want to go camping. I think that I can swing that. ... But I really don't do HARDCORE camping. I like being able to use and toilet and a shower VERY MUCH. ^_^)

Oh, and I was a nice mom. We played at the park after storytime. Yup. I'm feeling pretty good.
And I had jerky for breakfast. Mmmmm. Salty, dried meat. Good stuff. ^_^

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