Monday, May 17, 2010

My week ... where did it go?

Okay, let's see. So I last wrote on Monday. ... What went on the rest of the week?

Tuesday: I know that Glee was on. And, oh! TOMORROW is the JOSS WHEDON-directed episode with NEIL PATRICK HARRIS!!!!!!! ... Yes, I'm a little excited.

I know that I did some housework. Yup. That was really about it. Did I read any books? I mean, I've been working at getting through books this week. And I've done a decent job! ^_^

My allergies turned into a cold. But that wasn't TOO OFF-PUTTING, since I didn't go in to volunteer on Wednesday. I did take the kids to storytime at the library here. And that, really, was the highlight of the day.

Bucket was waking us up EARLY-EARLY in the mornings. She'd have to go pee and couldn't open the door (you have to turn the knob ALL the way, HOLD IT THERE, THEN PULL the door open). And then Diana-cat had puked in the hallway. And she stepped on it.
And Michael, bless his sweet heart, was the one to deal with all that. I was SO zonked out.

Then Diana kept throwing up at nights. I mean, she usually has a puke once every few weeks. Not every night.
Then I noticed that she hadn't been eating or drinking. So Wednesday night/Thursday morning, _I_ couldn't sleep, and I looked up her symptoms online. We can't afford a trip to the vet's office, so I just prayed (and prayed) and forced water down her throat and gave her hairball remedy ... and, by Thursday evening, she lapped up some tuna water (since I made tuna noodles -- ooooh, SO exciting *eye roll*) and has been fine since.

Except that she's MEOWING. LOUDLY. In the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!
So, yes. She's alive and healthy.
And now I'm wondering if it was really worth the effort.


Thursday ... I think I folded clothes. And read. And was nursing Diana-cat back to health.
(8reads my Facebook posts*) ... Oh, yeah! Bucket threw up as I was getting out of the shower. All over the (thankfully TILED) bathroom floor. Just drank too much water too quickly.
We went to storytime. Where Bruise was in fine form. I think he threw two fits there. And another fit when I told them that I was really just too tired to take them to the park to play when they were acting so overly-tempermental and (in Bucket's case) fake-shy. I really didn't feel like snuffling away on a park bench, surrounded by pollen, when I felt like crap.

So the BOTH threw a fit. In the library. That was fun.
(Yes, that last sentence was SO dripping with sarcasm.)

The big excitement that night was that I took a huge mouthful of NyQuil and a couple snorts of Afrin (best nasal spray EVER) and had to go to bed about ten minutes into the movie Michael and I started watching in the living room. And then I slept like the DEAD. That was around, what, 8:30 that night.
I finally woke up Friday morning around 7:30. I felt better ... but still groggy and snuffy.

And we went to the zoo. Which was busy. Seriously, the parking lot was PACKED.
We stayed there for a couple hours and headed back home. And Michael helped a family move out of the ward. :(
And then he came home and we watched Whip It. (Which was a FUN movie. ^_^ ... Of course, it was made even better by Michael's outbust of, "No, Ellen, don't do it!" when Ellen Page's character is making a bad decision. Yes, the show was a bit predictable. But it was quite fun.)

Saturday, we went to farmer's market and I bought DELICIOUS Blackberry honey. Then we went to storytime at the library. Then we came home and cleaned the van and the truck. Michael and I SCRUBBED the crap outta the stains in the work truck. It looks MUCH better.

We took the middle seats out of the van and I vacuumed the heck outta the van. It looks SO NICE now. We've left the back seat down (after we got all the needles from our Christmas tree, what, almost SIX MONTHS AGO) vacuumed out for Friday. We're buying a train table from one of our friends. Bruise is going to be SO EXCITED. When we told them last night that we were going to drive to [our friends' son]'s house, they were all excited to play with his train table. Heh heh heh.

And, yeah, I didn't make it to the Stake RS meeting. It was 30 minutes before it started ... and I would have had to get cleaned up, put the seats back in the van, give up on finishing the vacuuming or washing it (which we did after we cleaned the inside), and put on church clothes. And tried not to blow my nose, sniff up my snot, or hack my lungs out the whole time. Just wasn't feeling it. I suck. Oh well.

Sunday, I didn't go to church. Because, really, hacking until you start gagging? Well, it's just not really conducive to the Spirit. So, I stayed home and Michael took the kids to church. I rested and finished some library books and drank hot cider. And blew my nose about a BAZILLION times.

My voice is still crap right now. But my nose is clearer today. It's now just a cold.
Still, I'll be happy when July hits and my allergies should be OVER.

This is the second month in a row where my allergies spiraled into a nasty cold. I don't much care for it. ... I'll just have to really make sure to keep taking my fake-Zyrtec.

Oh, and feeding the kids lunch today? Bruise threw a fit because I was making them apple slices with caramel dip.
"I NO _YIKE_ DAT!!!!!!" He pretty-much shrieked.

And I was calm and collecte ... Yeah, I can't keep a straight face even just TYPING that.

I yelled at him that he was giving me crap attitude and I was NOT going to accept that.
And then I made him try the caramel sauce (Srsly, the boy's ADAMANTLY opposed to any kinds of dip. Yes, it was sauce from McDonald's. ... And when we go to McDonald's, he won't dip his fries in ketchup or use ANY dipping sauce for his nuggets! ... As opposed to his sister, who dips her fries in BBQ AND KETCHUP ... Or me. Right now, I LOVE dipping my fries in the Tangy Honey Mustard sauce. YUMMMM. And I'm known to dip my burger in the ketchup. I like sauces! Even Michael uses sauces when he eats! ... I just don't get it. Maybe it's just a phase?)

Well, it's after two now. I should eat something today. ... It just hasn't been on my list of priorities. That and, when I can barely smell/taste, food just isn't all that exciting. :(

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