Thursday, April 22, 2010

Still no HAM radio call number. But, it appears that it's not just me. It's the whole group of us who took our test. It's being looked into.

I mean, it's not like I have a radio that I can use and I'm just sitting around here, with baited breath, PINING to transmit on the air.

(Well, since I haven't brushed my teeth yet --GROSS! I KNOW! --, I MAY have baited breath.)

It occurred to me last night that the only things I had eaten yesterday were a piece of cheese, maybe a couple Otter Pops, and a PB&Nutella sandwich (If you haven't had one, you SHOULD. It's like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup in a sandwich. ... Maybe I should grill my next one.
(And THAT explains a very important reason why I will NEVER be a size 2. EVER.)
(Because I love me some food.)
(Fattening food.)

(Maybe I should add a slice of cheesecake on the side. It would offset some of the sweetness of the sandwich, really. Yummmmm.)
(I am SO sick in the head. How do you ever put UP with me????)

STILL, I'm in a much better mental-state-place than I was a couple days ago.
Stupid, stupid cycle.

(Really ... how DO you put up with me? How does ANYONE?)

But I had a good evening yesterday ... even with the hectic morning of having SEVEN DOLLARS in library fines at the local library. It's my own fault, not paying attention to when I need to renew books (HINT: Do it the day they're due. Maybe the day before or the day after. NOT FIVE DAYS AFTER. Trust me on this.) ... After that financial blunder, I'm REALLY READY for our tax rebate to arrive. It can't come too soon. A week ago would have been nice. *grin*

But, I got to go visit some of the Young Women in our ward. I was paired with the Stake YW President (who is a kick in the pants to be around, I must say), and we visited two houses (one is a family where the three girls are all in YW. The other has just one in YW) and it was SUCH a great time. Seriously, if I were *gulp* fifteen years younger, I would TOTALLY LOVE to hang with these girls.

And, flatteringly enough, they like me back.

And the Stake YW President, as we were chatting as I drove to the houses and back to the church, flattered me shamelessly. She told me that I was quick-witted.
(So now I adore her more than ever.)
(Yes, I do appreciate flattery. As I tell my friends, "Flattery will get you everywhere!" ... At least when it comes to me and my level of adoration and fondness for my people.)
(And, truly, if you're reading this [By which, I actually mean, "if you haven't read and then run away screaming" ... not that I'd BLAME you for that. At all, honestly], you ARE my people. And I love and appreciate you for it.)

But, yeah ... I'm getting so totally pumped for Girls' Camp this summer. So far, there's nothing that's going to conflict (like, say, a friend's wedding. Or being a matron-of-honor in a wedding) ... and I have EXCELLENT family (both sides) that can take care of the children. And a husband that can truly fend for himself. (Seriously, the house will be cleaner than when I left it. ... Though, it might help that the kids won't be there to unravel all his hard work. ... Honestly, there are weeks that I just GIVE UP ... And he still puts up with me. Totally don't deserve him. And it makes me wonder what he did to end up with ME. ... Probably just a huge act of charity. And I'm sure grateful for it. ^_^)

Well, I need to finish getting ready and head over to storytime.
I bit the bullet and gleaned through the pile of library books from both libraries. I've checked out too many books. And I just was not getting through them.
I refuse to feel like a failure about it.
Because I can always check them out again some other time.

Besides, this is one reason I LOVE my Goodreads account. It lets me keep track of all the books I WANT to read. (Seriously. I mean the networking aspect is cool. And being able to mark which books I have read is great ... but, really? I have it so that I have a HUGE list of all the books that I hear/read about and want to read. But don't have room for in my holds list ... or the libraries don't have them yet ... or whatever.)

Okay. Closing up. That's it for now.

Oh, and I'm a EQ widow tonight. Michael's going to be out doing visits (just like I was doing last night -- but to families/menfolk). He was watching Signs when I got home.
After putting the kids to bed, I'm going to be watching the DVD of "The Botany of Desire." I waited long enough for my hold to come in and I'm DETERMINED not to return it unwatched.

Yup, exciting, exciting plans. :P

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