Monday, April 12, 2010

Somehow, amazingly, things are starting -- bit by infinitely small bit -- to come together.

  • Bruise mastered the kazoo.
    Yes, I KNOW that it sounds kinda dumb. But my mom had bought some kazoos at the dollar store. And left them here. And they didn't work. So I grabbed my trusty kitchen shears and some wax paper and fixed them (Yes. I can put squares of wax paper into a kazoo. Amazing, huh?)
    BUT, Bruise was getting so frustrated because he kept BLOWING into the kazoo instead of HUMMING.
    But, as we drove home from church, I heard kazooing from the back of the car. I figured it was Miz Bucket, playing away. Until she started singing along to it.
    Now our boy is a kazoo-playing fool. ^_^
  • The truck broke down ... And Michael replaced the spark plugs. All but one, which -- along with the necessary socket -- fell into the engine. So he had to buy a magnet to get them out. And ... well, it wasn't the spark plugs. STILL, he's able to borrow the work truck again. Which is a blessing. Since he'll be able to drive it up to take his HUGE TEST this week.
  • I still haven't received my call sign for my HAM radio license (I keep using the search feature on the FCC's page) ... but, really, until I have a radio, it's not a huge thing.
  • I received quite a few unsolicited compliments from the Young Women yesterday. Especially regarding my hair and makeup. Which made me feel REALLY GOOD.
  • ESPECIALLY THIS ONE -- I was on the computer. And it froze. So I had to end up just turning it off. And it would NOT restart correctly. Even had the screen about "Your computer cannot start. There is no solution."
    So, I freaked out. I went to my room and PRAYED.
    And I called Michael and CRIED and asked him to pray, too.
    And I took a bath and PRAYED. And I read a little in the bath while I PRAYED.
    And I restarted it again. And PRAYED.
    And, OH THANKS BE, it worked! ... Now, I'm kinda scared to turn off the laptop ... But I just have to keep the faith, right?
    I SO, SO, SO love that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. Especially when they're answered quickly. (Hey, I can totally admit that I'm not one of the most patient people. Totally.)
  • Bucket asked me to make her a paper airplane and it flew. Phew!
So, yeah ... amid the daily dose of "oh-crap-what-can-possibly-go-more-wrong?", there's some really, really, really good stuff.

Like how our "check engine" light in the van finally turned off again. *sigh of relief* I was really starting to wonder if something really was wrong. Glad to know it's not.

Now, once the tax refund comes in (only from federal. With state, we made LESS this year and we still totally owed taxes. Ugh.), we'll be out of any credit card debt. And that will be SO. DANG. NICE. I cannot wait.

Now, just send prayers and good thoughts for Michael to pass this test easily. We'd appreciate it!

(Also, Uncle Mike's back home. So that's a good thing. I don't know all the particulars, though. I'll let you know later, if you're curious. ^_^)
Also, here's a random look into my life:

*as I'm putting in the DVD of "The Wizard of Oz" for the kids*

Bucket: FANK YOU, MOM! When I was a little baby, before I was born, when I was in your tummy, I wanted to watch this DVD.

(Now, if only I had known that, I'd have let her watch it YEARS ago! :P)

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Anonymous said...

Nice to know you fulfilled a life-long dream for the child ;-)

Miss you!

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