Friday, April 02, 2010

If you were a cheese, what cheese would you be?

Yay!! Someone ASKED me a question again! Thanks!

Okay ... Um ... I would have to say Feta. It's fun to say, slightly tangy, and can fall apart easily (kinda like yours truly).

That and my cousin claimed Gouda. ^_^

But, if I weren't Feta cheese, I'd either be a smoked cheddar (YUM!) or string cheese.

(Again, thanks to whoever posted the question! I LOVE when I don't have to assign myself a random question. ^_^)

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Bonnie-Jean said...

Sometimes I'd be a Muenster, smooth and delicious on most things, but when I'm feeling feisty I'd be a Gorgonzola, packing a punch. :) I like your Feta answer, you sound delectable!

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