Monday, April 26, 2010

So far ...

So, two posts ago, I talked about quite a few areas in which I fail.

Socially, spiritually, etc., etc., etc. ...

So, I'm really trying to do something about it. Instead of just whining.

Today has been good.

I woke up. I said a prayer (Truly, I KNOW that Michael prayed. But I was very much asleep and cannot recall anything ... so this is why it's really important for me to pray by myself, too). I'll need to pray later (probably during the kids' naptime) so that I pray for my Visiting Teaching sisters and our awesome YW. I read a chapter of the Book of Mormon. I finalized plans for a playdate with a sister in the ward. I made plans for when to practice reading and maths with the kids. And when to work on some of my responsibilities for YW. I made plans for dinner (Won't Michael be pleased!) ... I'll get plans finalized for FHE (Family Home Evening).

The kids woke up as I finished reading scriptures. We hugged and talked of today's plans (Playdate at 9, return library books on the way, come home [HOPEFULLY run the errand of depositing the tax rebate check. PRAY that we receive it in the mail so we can deposit it!!!!], eat lunch, do school-stuff, nap, watch a show[Bucket]/play on my DS [Bruise] ... dinner, FHE, bedtime), then we had a prayer together and read the back of a picture from our Gospel Art Kit (which has been replaced by the Gospel Art Book -- less expensive and easier to cart around, truly).

I've let the kids get themselves yogurt to eat. Now, I need to get a shower and dressed (they've gotten themselves dressed) ... after I'm done cuddling my girl to get her warm. ... And do our calendar. This way they know their days of the week. Which is important, too.

Just thought I'd report my progress.

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