Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No love ...

I don't know how many of you have heard about this ... kerfluffle going on with a certain HBO show. One show that is about polygamy and people who practice a religion like unto my own (or our own, for you fellow LDS-ers out there).

Well, if you haven't heard, there's an episode planned (and, apparently, already filmed) which is ... less than full of win.

The Church (of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) has released an official statement, "The Publicity Dilemma," if you care to read it.

I don't watch Big Love. I never have really had the urge (and this is coming from the girl who watched an episode of Dexter ... Hey, I LOVE the book series. Well, not the cussin' so much ... but it's SO well written! ... And the series appears to follow the book pretty well. I can't say that I'm completely in love with the casting for the sister ... but I think that the dude playing Dexter does REALLY well).

I don't plan on watching the episode where they are going to show some semblance of an excommunication and temple ceremonies. I don't think that it's right or classy for them to do this. Especially since they're getting the information from someone who has left the church.
(I mean, really ... does a person seriously investigating and considering an unbiased view of a religion primarily rely on accounts given by people who obviously have issues with said sect? If I were trying to find out about, say, Catholocism, would I take all information given to me from someone who's left that religion without a grain of salt? Wouldn't it be better to discuss doctrine with a contented member of that church? ... It seems like common sense to me ... I don't know, though. I mean, it takes all kinds, right?)

I think that The Church has responded very well in their statement. Yes, because we are a "peculiar people" there will always be some who don't get us, who will rely on stereotypes or caricatures, who will think of "those blankity-blank Mormons" as a bunch of self-righteous, narrow-minded, homely teetotalers.

And they'll be just as mistaken (and, dare I say, a wee bit hypocritical? Yeah, I dare. And I'm a wee bit hypocritical, myself. I try not to be ... but I do try working to be a little more accepting of everyone and their ... quirks, for lack of a better term. ^_^) as people who think that a person's character can be defined solely (or primarily) by their race, nationality, hair color, athletic prowess, or ... shoe size or something.

I'm a bit more of the belief that "pretty is as pretty does." ... Or that one's actions do speak on a level that one's words may not reach. It is ... less than kind/sensitive/compassionate/humane for the writers to SAY that they wouldn't make it about members of The Church ... it appears that they have planned to go ahead and DO just that.

I do, myself, doubt that these writers would try something like this if it were a different sect -- like Catholocism, per se.

I don't think it's classy. Or the wisest of choices.

I could threaten to boycott HBO. ... But I'd have to, first, actually patronize their company. I could write an email to Time-Warner ... but at the same time, I almost wonder if this issue is WORTH making an issue about. How many people WATCH Big Love? How many people really think that it's about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints? How many of the people who DO think that are ... well ... I don't mean to be catty, but (as anyone who says that, I'm immediately following up with, "I'm going to be") how many of those people who actually believe that members of The Church ARE like that ... are really that ... intellegent?
I mean, have they met many Latter-Day Saints?

I have to think that it's a credit to my/our church that whenever people learn that I'm a member of the LDS Church, they are rather effusive about other Latter-Day Saints that they know.

I hope that by not making a huge deal about this (other than letting you know about it) I'm not burying my head in the sand about this. I just really think that if people have any sense, they'll judge/consider/whatever The Church based on their experience with its members, rather than by a show that's not affiliated (at ALL) by the church.

At least I can hope that people still have sense, right? I'm rather optimistic.
Or I, at least, TRY to be. :P


Anonymous said...

Actually, as far as any "official" statement by the church goes, it appears the word is to just let it go. The church doesn't call for boycotts, as a rule. That would be the kind of sensation the media would be all up on.

I'm just going to ignore it. HBO wants a rise out of us... They're not getting one outta me.

Anonymous said...

p.s. I gave you an award! Come check it out!

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