Friday, March 13, 2009

We are Family ... I've Got All My Sisters and Me!

Aubri strikes again (not that I'm complaining)!

The rules for accepting the award are as follows:
Put the logo on your blog or post. Nominate at least 10 blogs with 
great attitude and/or gratitude. Be sure to link to your nominees in your post. Let your nominees know they have received the award by leaving them a comment on their blog. Be sure to link this post to the person who nominated you for the award.

So, here goes (and don't be offended if I didn't nominate you. You know that I love you):

  1. Melissa is full of attitude and always makes me laugh. I find it funny that it took a couple blogs from across the country to bring a couple of Oregonian chickie-poos like us, together. And while you're there, go vote for her on HumorBlogs, since I've voted enough that they reject my votes now. *mutters to self*

  2. "Priss" is one of my dear friends, a whole day older than me (who I don't see often enough because [1] she's so incredibly busy as a teacher, mother, and incubator supreme ... among her other duties and hobbies and [2] I'm a lazy, slightly-agrophobic git). Her blog is usually full of more gratitude than I express. And, golly, but do I miss commuting to college with her. We didn't meet until we were in the University wards in the college town south of our college. But, really, if you need cute Boo stories/videos or great tales about teaching (and some stories of how daunting teaching can be), you should seriously add her to your RSS-feeds.

  3. Heather (of Heather's Happy Heart) has a good blog for gratitute -- She's got her hands full with raising a son with Autism ... and incubating a little baby girl. AND having a husband who's away at work a good deal of the day. She manages to be an awesome parent, work on keeping in shape, and is just awesome ... and so modest about it!

  4. Cristall is my dear artist friend ... and I miss her so much (even though she and her husband abandoned me to go back to Utah. :P). (Yes, yes, it's all about me. :P) She's so fun and sassy and SO dang talented at painting that if I didn't love her so, I'd probably be plotting her demise. Good thing I love her so. ^_^ She and I quote movies back and forth like crazy ... Gosh, I miss her!!

  5. My Cynthia is my awesome, hilarious friend in Belgium. She is proudly obsessed with Joss Whedon's work (one thing we share). She also has about the bestest job EVER -- She's a librarian! How awesome is that?!? She also is a most excellent and funny friend, a wonderful and loving aunt to two darling little girls. Yes, I adore my Cynthia.

  6. Jenny always makes me laugh. Whether it's us joking about playing with her husband's Wii (It NEVER gets old!) or trading stories about our kids, I always end up laughing until I nearly pee my pants. She is my most-politically active friend. ... And the friend who'd be most likely to make me vote Democrat. :P When she runs for office, she'll get my vote. ^_^

  7. Katie always makes me laugh, she's definitely got attitude. She is a powerhouse -- she quilts, cleans house, feeds her family, surfs the 'net, reads voraciously (maybe even more than I do!), and gardens ... simultaneously, with a hand tied behind her back with a very stylish bow. She's got the crafty-bug and she's a great actress. If we were in competition, I'd make a horrible showing. Good thing she loves me enough to never embarass me like that. ^_^

  8. Xcedra is another bookish, Anime/manga-loving friend of mine. And she loves cats, too. Seriously, I find so many friends that I must have been seperated by birth from. She's hilarious and sweet and the proud-mom-to-be of a much-loved little girl. I love how she refers to annoying people as "hoosers" and how she makes me giggle to the point of hyperventilation.

  9. Dianne is one of those people that manages to be so, so funny and spiritual ... and she's another one of my crafty-crafty friends (Obvioulsly, I know to surround myself with awesome people so that I'm cool by association). She runs a house, redecorates it, scrapbooks, TEACHES CLASSES on scrapping, reads for pleasure, raises three awesome kids, cooks wonderfully ... And plays the piano and sings like a bid. Is there anything she can't do? I've never seen her upset or grumpy, either. 

  10. Last will be Satina, even though her blog's gone private ... and even *I* can't get to it. But she is VERY spiritual ... I don't even try to compete. She manages to raise four kids, is Cubmaster, does Girl Scouts and always looks SO put together. (Yes, I AM jealous, thanks for noticing). And she has excellent taste in television shows, if I may make mention of that. And she finds it funny when I think that I'm threatening MY son, only to find out that it was hers. Heh. Oops. The lights were off!
    But she gets nominated for being grateful and gracious. She originally started blogging when she was on bedrest ... and she's kept it up. She has such great perspective on things that ... Yeah, she's an example. On that I should, you know, actually FOLLOW once in a while. ^_^ (Not that she wouldn't get a nomination based on attitude, she makes me laugh. Don't worry. I don't think I have a single friend that doesn't make me laugh. ^_^)
Okay, there's my list. Now, I'm going to try and remember to comment on everyone's blog to remind them how awesome and amazing they are (and, remember, if I didn't nominate you, it's NOT because you have a lack of awesomeness or amaingality ... It's just that I am not cool enough to realize and appreciate your full potential. I'm not trying to hurt your feelings or anything. You can totally kick me in the head when you see me next. Really. If it'll make you feel better).

But first, my darlings, I MUST restart my computer ... poor plodding thing. *sigh*

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