Monday, March 09, 2009


Conversation that just took place -- Bruise and Bucket are running around chasing each other. Bruise is apparantly a ghost. Bruise falls to the floor (on purpose).
Bucket: He died.
Bruise, on floor: I dead.

This morning, Bruise was in the windowsill in the dining area ... and somehow turned on the treadmill (I was alerted to this by the hum of the treadmill on low). And he starts SCREAMING, since he can't get out of the window with the treadmill on.
I go to rescue him. He is half-sobbing and CLINGING to my neck. I'm TRYING not to totally crack up at this ... and then he says, shakily, "It a TWAP!"
Then I nearly totally lost my crap, giggling over how the treadmill is a trap.

Also this morning, Bruise wakes up at an ungodly hour (it's still ungodly early when Michael leaves for work) crying that he's peed his bed. Remarkably, it was JUST the sheet. So I strip the bed and the boy, get him a clean pull-up, put a blanket on his matress, and tuck him in until it get lighter.

YESTERDAY, as we are coming up the sidewalk to walk into the church building, Bruise trips and EATS IT on the sidewalk. He's got himself a scrape on his forehead ... and miniscule little scrapes on the palms of his hands. Thank heavens for Dianne, who (1) opened the door for us, (2) enlisted Bucket to get supplies with her while I changed Bruise's dirty diaper (hey, we're in the midst of potty-training. We still have some off-days), and (3) brought me band-aids and an ice pack. I rocked the boy and sang to him in the mother's lounge ... and he's doing fine. He's actually REALLY verbal about it. Sis. P, one of the Nursery class leaders, asked me about his bandage ... asking if it were from at church. ... Because Bruise was telling her about it. 
(YES! My son is finally getting some words in edgewise around his extremely verbal sister.)

The house is cleaner. And I need to read one book (well, really, more like seven ... but I'm just gonna cut my losses and turn in books and check them out later ... when I have more time [Ha!].) today ... and two more before Thursday. 
One of the fridges isn't being cold. Good thing we don't have a lot of food in that one. I'm going to try and pull it out and run a hairdryer in the back ... and dust it and whatnot. At least the freezer portion is working. Or I'd be SO torqued off.
I also need to do about two loads of dishes. Then I'll be CAUGHT. UP.  ... for, like five minutes.

And I have a veritably MOUNTAIN of clean laundry to fold. At least it's CLEAN, right?
But I'm going to concentrate on dishes and reading. And making the munchkin brigade clean up after themselves.

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Kate the Great said...

Wheee! Someone else has a mountain of laundry.... Mine is almost all clean, but I need to fold.
And it's going to be a nightmare... the pile is so big I can't walk through the little hall between my kitchen and the entry way.

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