Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Seriously, what is up with me ... I've just got a case of the blahs.

The kiddos haven't quite taken their naps yet. Wish they would ... and I'm having troubles tearing myself away from the computer. Again. (I really, REALLY should jump on the treadmill. And do, like, a gazillion crunches if I'm going to be in Mer's wedding. ... But I lack motivation.)

I need to unload/reload the dishwasher. I did re-tidy the laundry room. I should fold and put away some laundry. I emptied the cat box (thank goodness. SMELLY cats). I need to pick up (or make the MESSY CHILDREN pick up) the living room. And their bedroom. And I need to clean MY bedroom. 

I'd much rather run a warm bath and read. And maybe watch BOTH versions of Pride and Prejudice that I picked up at the library today. And maybe Persuasion and Sense and Sensibility and Emma ... just for good measure.

Oh, hey. Just so you know ... and you're probably SMARTER than I am ... home-waxing? Rather painful. I've JUST about gotten the lover half of my calves done. And my armpits (is there a DAINTY way of saying that area? No?) are  ... less gross-looking. But it's rather difficult.

It's hilarious in a few ways, though. I bought the box of Nad's. I even have leftover strips of paper/fabric/whatever from the LAST time I've utterly failed at home-waxing. (The first time? I was a teenager. And I tried the COLD WAX STRIPS. ON MY BIKIKI LINE. ... I thought I was GOING TO DIE. Never have tried those since. Just sayin'.)

But, for waxing, you first have to let the hair grow long enough to wax. That is a difficulty for me. I'm OCD about my hair. Michael thinks it's hilarious and strange that I try to shave daily. He thinks it's even MORE hilarious and OCD that I try to shave when we're camping. (This is why *I* get to choose the campgrounds. I choose the ones with running water and showers!)

Michael only noticed a few days ago that I hadn't shaved for a while. When I was complaining that I could see hairy bits around my cap sleeves. (And, really, *I*'m the only one who examines my arms closely enough to see it ... so it's not like random strangers are thinking that I've completely let myself go ... or am European or a hippie (who dresses like a wannabe yuppie.))
And, let me tell you, dear ones, Michael was impressed. As he said, "I didn't think you had it in you."
(Really, I don't. BUT I want perfectly smooth pits/arm recesses/something that doesn't sound gnarly!!! ... DEODERANT RECEPTACLES! THERE! That's better! ... So I have hair happening.)

At least, like I've said, the bottom half of my calves don't look all like teen-boy legs. Ugh *shudders* Hey, it's okay when teenage boys have legs looking like that. It's NOT so okay when it's ME.

And, what's even stranger ... when I was waxing one of my legs, I guess that the hair roots came out ... just not all the way? So one of my legs looks like I had a small area of ... rash? Chicken pox? Infected flea bites? It looks funky, to say the least. BUT It's mostly hairless!

And, gosh, I need to buy another pair of tweezers, I'll tell you. (and I'm SOOOO sure that you wanted to know.)

Michael just looked at me and asked, "And women do this, WHY? It looks painful ... and you have sores."

"And I'll have perfectly smooth legs ... and won't have to do it again for a couple of weeks, at least!"

"How much would it cost for you to have it done professionally?"

"Well, it depends where I have it done. But this little tub of wax-stuff is just $20! If I went to the spa down the street, it'd be $75 for just my legs. I'm saving money! ... Now, can you help me get my armpit? It makes me dizzy to look at it this closely. Please?"

"Um, honey? You're bleeding." 

"Oh, it's just the roots. They're unhappy.  ... Oh, wow. I thought it'd be just a drop. Hmm. Let's give that side a rest and try the other side."

Oh ... also? You'd THINK that you'd just have to apply the wax and the paper strip-thing and you'd get ALL the hair in one spot.


Not so much.

This is why it's taking me SO LONG to get my legs and armpits de-hairified. Oy.

SO, yeah ... It's supposed to give you up to 8 weeks of not needing to wax/shave/whatever ... I'm hoping that I FINISH before that 8 weeks is up ... *sigh*

But, hey! I blogged. AGAIN! For the second day in a row!

Also, gave Bruise a haircut. He went from resembling Shaggy in Scooby-Doo to looking more like he's getting ready for basic training. He's totally handsome.


Nay said...

You crack me up! I get my eyebrows done every six weeks...professionally and not as painful. Underarm...ouch!! Good luck with all that!

Prissy & Hero said...

You're scaring me on the waxing thing! I've never done it. Maybe I won't!

Anonymous said...

OK, as a European, I have to say we're not all hairy (or not as much as before)!!!! Actually, I about have the same OCD as you do (yes, I shave daily and yes, I have a nerveous breakdown if I see one tiny hair!!!) But maybe I've been corrupted by the americans when I was over there? My colleagues sometimes don't care if they haven't shaved. And I have a friend who's husband doesn't like it of she shaves! Yuk is all I have to say!

As for home waxing? Tried it once, never again!! I like to get it done professionally (and it's not nearly as expensive here : about 50 € for legs/bikini/armpits). But I can't stand to wait until they're long enough to go back so I shave in between and I get yelled at by the lady!

All in all, I decided shaving is the easiest way to do it and it only takes a few minutes during my shower!

So, that's the opinion of the european (but american at heart) on the list!

Kate the Great said...

Good heavens woman... get yourself done professionally it's not painful at all!!!! And really not that expensive.


this is where I go... save yourself the pain and just spend the extra ten bucks!

Are you going to be home today? (being April 1st?)

Brooke said...

I think it is cheaper than you think...legs are like 30 bucks to get done at some places

Anonymous said...

Professional opinion? I'd never be able to do it for myself... You're braver than me.

Satina said...

Oh wow! I haven't been by in a while and now I wonder why. You always have me rolling! I tried the professional wax before a trip to Belize a couple years ago because I didn't want to shave while I was there. I wasn't that inpressed and now after reading your blog, I'm convinced I shouldn't try this at home!

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