Monday, March 30, 2009

Okay, to start ... FIRST, I'm so sorry for not blogging for a while.

Second, I HATE hay fever. I feel like a drippy faucet and the back of my throat is all gnarly and irritated from my stupid post-nasal drip.

And I'm snarly due to wonderful Aunt Flo dropping by. Probably TMI, but you love me anyways, right?

BUT we got our new fridge. And it is BEAUTIFUL. I can barely bring myself to put FOOD in it, it's so pretty. (But I am going to buy ice cream! YES!!)

Pardon me, I had to go fumigate the kidlets' bathroom ... They're doing a really, really great job using the toilet -- I'm not complaining -- but OY! did it stink!!

What do I need to write about ...?

Let's see ...

- Michael and I celebrated our eigth anniversary. We went up to OMSI and went to the da Vinci exhibit up there (SO nice, since we could actually take our time. When we have the kidlets with us, Bruise just runs through EVERYTHING ... and we have to speed through all the exhibits to catch up with him.) and to IKEA while my mom watched the munchkin brigade. We spent way too much money at IKEA. But I got so much awesome stuff -- a new computer chair (only $40!!), a silicon-coated whisk (so I can use it with my beautiful pans), an apple corer (SO handy!), a set of storage containers from the "As-Is" bin (so I don't have all the lids ... but still! For just $1, I'm not going to complain!), a shower gift for one of my friends (Sheri, I hope that you and Amelia will like it!), Easter presents for the kiddos, a can-opener for our 72-hour kit in the car ... and, oh, the food!!

Michael got the pasta and meatballs. I got the Swedish meatballs with cream sauce, potatoes, and lingon berries. He got a soda. I had an Elderflower drink (kinda like lemonade ... but mostly not). We also had a slice of the apple cake with vanilla sauce. Oh, it was good. And QUITE affordable. Sure, cafeteria eating isn't the most romantic ... but, the FOOD! Delicious.

We were too tired to go see a movie, so after we drove back to town, we went to dinner (using a gift card from Christmas -- Thanks, T2!!) and headed home where Bruise, Bucket and Mutti had made us cards and cookies.

Mom also helped me clean out the old fridge and save any foods that we could while she was up.

Last weekend, we took the kiddos to A.C. Gilbert House and played. Bucket got a little lost getting up to the HUGE slide ... and I had to wade through the Spring Break crowds of kids to get to her ... and then we went down the slide together. 
Bruise LOVED the big slide (I'd like it more if I didn't bang up my knees.) as he went down it with some random kid. ^_^ If it were up to him, I think he'd play in the play area ALL DAY LONG.

I have been neglecting blogging and reading for computer games. I'm so bad. BUT I have unlocked all the extra characters (just not bought all of them yet) in LEGO: Star Wars (the complete saga) on my DS. (Hey, it was on sale! -- And Michael should be beyond thrilled that I'm getting into Star Wars now. :P) ... Oh well.

I've been so tired, so I'm going to close up. 
"Peace. But not literally." -- Dr. Horible.


Anonymous said...

YAY! An UPDATE!!! I love you!

Jennifer said...

It seems like forever! Enjoy your new fridge :) I was going to get a Gilbert house membership when our zoo one runs out next month - we'll have to go together sometime!

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