Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Day in List Form ... not quite in order. Oops.

  • Michael came home sick
  • Got lots of scripture story videos from my dear, shiney, lovely Dianne
  • Mom went home
  • She and I stocked the freezer with about five weeks' worth of dinners.
  • Now I have no excuse for not having a hot dinner ready for my breadwinner when he comes home.
  • Well, not until we eat up all the dinners.
  • Went to the library.
  • We bought Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day at Costco. WOOT!!
  • Dianne also gave me a DVD of So I Married an Axe Murderer, which is an excellent movie. (Yeah, I know, you all are jeaaaaaalous. If only you all had a Dianne of your own. ... Because I don't know if I can bring myself to share her with all of you. She's just so pretty and shiney and wonderful ... and she's MY friend. MINE. But if she wants to be your friend, too, I SUPPOSE that I can share her with you.)
  • I finished Dearly Devoted Dexter ... and, dude, I know that you're not supposed to LOVE a sociopathic muderer ... but, you know what? If loving this series and REALLY LIKING the main character is wrong? I don't want to be right. Because these are SO GOOD.
  • Mom and I folded my laundry. (Yes, my mom is excellent. She might adopt you, too. If you're extra-nice. ^_^)
  • I went to the library. Picked up LOTS of books. Now I just need to finish reading all the ones that I have.
  • Mom and I went to the two bread stores in town. Mom's jealous that we have TWO bread stores in town. At the first one, I got two free bread things (opted for one loaf of bread and one bag of mini-bagels). At the second, since another lady didn't want her free stuff, I got FOUR free bread products (a bag of dinner rolls, two loaves of bread ... and Bruise chose a package of oatmeal cookies. Hey, I wasn't about to argue. The boy's got some good taste.)
Okay, that's the big part of what's gone on. Now to get the kids in bed, watch Bones, and take some Ny-Quil (yeah, I'm a little snuffy, too), and get through the mountain of books. ^_^

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