Monday, February 23, 2009

Oy. Vey.

There I was, my dears, sitting at the computer ... the kidlets are watching their morning shows ... and suddenly there's SCREAMING and WAILING and BLOOD!!

From what I can piece together, Bucket was sitting on the arm of the couch and fell/slipped/laid down onto Bruise's FACE.

All I know is that I run over to the boy and he's sporting a double nosebleed (you know, bleeding from BOTH nostrils) and his mouth is full of blood and he's CRYING and so I take him to the bathroom and dig out the DARK PINK washcloth (since it doesn't show blood. See? I have a system here.) and clean him up.

All that blood was just from his nose. Nothing was cut or split in his mouth. I'm trying to to gag thinking about blood. from his NOSE. in his MOUTH. *Ughhh*

And the nosebleed stopped pretty quickly once he stopped screaming and let me get him cleaned up. There was barely more than a drop on the couch. Only a few drops on his jammies. Some smeared on my robe.

Once he was cleaned up, he wanted me to hold him. And, of course, I did. Then he didn't want to open his eyes. Which freaked me out. So I called the clinic ... just for confirmation on what to do.

He didn't show any signs of a concussion ... and after giving him a dose of children's ibuprofen, he seemed fine. The nurse verified that it sounded like I did everything right (Yay for those umpteen first aid classes that I took with Mom!) and to call back if anything changed. She agreed that, yeah, the adreniline rush probably ran its course and that, yes, the endorphins had probably kicked into his system. (Go me, being able to recall Biology lectures from YEARS ago. Yup, I'm that geeked out to ask if it could be endorphins.)
She even called back later to just check in. I love our clinic.

Besides that, I'm feeling lots better. Napped and read a lot yesterday. Had VERY strange Ny-quil-induced dreams. Now I'm trying to get motivated to do a load of dishes and get the garbage cans from the driveway and fold and wash some laundry.

But I DID make my kids French Toast for lunch. I know, I know. Hold your applause. No, really. You're just trying to flatter me.

But, really, I NEEEEEEED a shower. And I'm going to read at least two books. At least.
And maybe take a nap.
Dishes be dashed. I'm going to be all pampering today. Well, kinda. I think it's called LAZY, which should make it no different than, say, EVERY OTHER DAY. *rolls eyes*

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