Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bruise took a nap.

Sacked out on the floor while watching a movie this afternoon. I had to ask Bucket if he was asleep.
She leaned over her and affirmed, "[Bruise]-y asleep."

Bucket, however, has NOT had a nap. And is heading toward being hyper.

And since I've been up since 5 this morning (Just couldn't sleep any longer. Oh well.), it's a miracle that I haven't yelled more.

We made it to storytime. That was nice. I found a book that I've been meaning to read for a while. And an armful of manga sequals in series that I wanted to continue. So, a GOOD book day.

I also have been terribly sucked into some Facebook games. And I've found some more people I know on Facebook. Strangely enough, ANOTHER of my friends from theater in high school (graduated before I did) is living in my town. How funny is that!

Dinner is on the stove ... It would be done already if I hadn't spaced putting the lid on the rice cooker. (Oops.)

Picked up the living room and the kids' room. Still need to vacuum and take out garbage and such before Mom and Dad C get into town tomorrow.

No Bones on tonight, so Michael informs me. Darn that American Idol. Too bad it's AI instead of QI ("Quite Interesting" ... on the BBC. Stephen Fry is so smart and droll and I heart him.)

I'm tired. And I've been tired for a few days. 

At least today I didn't nearly give myself a coronary yelling at my little children ... like after Bruise peed in the hallway.
(And Bucket peed next to the couch today. She didn't want to miss any of "The Little Mermaid." *rolls eyes* )

The kids were excited to see the dusting of snow this morning. And Bucket is REALLY excited that "Grandma and Grandpa" are coming into town.

I am tired of being tired. 
I should go see if the rice is (finally) done.

And, after the kids go to bed, I should read copious volumes of manga. Because it makes me happy.


Kate the Great said...

Bones was on Tuesday night.... because of the State of the state of the Union this week, they rescheduled everything.

It was a rerun, but you can still catch in online.

Anonymous said...

I think you've given up on the social part of the internet lately. I mean, usually, even if there's only one comment on my blog, it's from you :-) I miss you friend!!! I even posted a wicked cool tag (you get free stuff handmade by me if you do it) and zero response from anyone. Until I called my mom and whined about it... then she played. Sad day...

Where you be at friend?

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