Saturday, February 21, 2009

A first

I have now been a chaperone for a church dance.

I would feel OLD ... except that over half the music played was songs that Michael and I danced to back when we were in our respective high schools, in our respective youth.

I also was a total nerd and accosted Bri's brother, Ian. Okay, that's strong wording. I told him that I had texted Bri to brag that I saw him from across the room. And he totally let me take a picture with him and send it to her. (Even better, he was totally into it. I LOVE Bri's family, let me tell you.)

Best of all was that she was actually awake and received my messages and she texted back.

Another awesome thing was that Bruise and Bucket (as she tells me that she is now to be called. *rolls eyes* At least you know who I'm talking about.) were very good for Sister D, who baby-sat them (In church, we call each other "Brother So-and-so" and Sister What's-her-head" ... you know what I mean. And I'm getting used to being called "Sister C" by my Young Women ... I mean, I don't look around for Michael's mom or sisters or aunt or something. But, really, they could just call me by my first name. I'm cool with that.).

Also good: Once Michael and I were at the dance, all the drugs that I took (RELAX. I took some Day-Quil, a couple snorts of Afrin, and a dose of ibuprofen. Yup, that's me hitting the HARD stuff. :P) finally kicked in and I was able to have a good time instead of feeling like Plague on a Stick. (As my nose starts pulling its Niagra-act again. *sigh*)

Okay, it's late. Bruise isn't sleeping well. I'm going to figure out what's wrong, fix it (I hope) and go to bed. And take off my shoes. My feet hurt.

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