Sunday, February 15, 2009

Catching up ...

I'm sory that I've been like the SUCKIEST blogger-friend in the universe. 

It's not that I don't love you. You KNOW that I do (happy belated heart day, btw). I'm just SO VERY unmotivated.

I did get most of the house cleaned before my folks-in-law came to spend the night. Cut Michael's hair a little (they showed up as I was changing to the second guard for the razor). Mom C did some of my dishes Saturday morning (Slightly enbarassing, but I was still glad that SOMEONE was doing them. ^_^).

V-day saw Michael coaching the YW basketball game. Then we met up with family in Portland for a little family Valentine's Day party. Which I spent most of the time playing with K's (T1's husband) Wii. (Yes, Jenny, I said it out loud there. JUST FOR YOU. ^_^ Still hilarious.)
C, Michael's brother spent hours playing with K's Wii with me. :P

Bruise and I (and then Bunny and I) (and then me by myself ... then Michael) tried playing Guitar Hero.
Let's just say that, "hitting it with my best shot"  ... Well, I really suck at it. And I couldn't blame it on having a toddler on my lap that time. Of course, Michael, who CAN play the bass well (when, he'd say he can play it, when he's been practicing. But, ehy! He's performed in public! More than once!) didn't do fantabulously ... Solely to make me feel better, I'm sure.
K, though ... He rocked it.

(note to self: work on my timing. With practice, I could rock, too.)

Then after some family rounds of "The Price is Right" (Hey! I actually one a showcase! Woot! Didn't think I would! ... Also, what would I DO with a Hovercraft?), C and I played, for ... oh,  about FOUR HOURS, the Lego Star Wars game.
... Maybe I should invest in the DS version. It was pretty fun. I did have K take over for me a few times (like I said, my timing sucks, so my jumps were often ill-timed. But I'm more than deadly with a light saber. And I prefer to play as Qui-Gon Jinn, since his hair is the most easily recognizable. ... Oh, and I SUCK MUCHLY at the pod-racing. Without Keith, we never would have passed that part. *sigh*). We got through the first episode. 

So, yeah, if I ever get a Wii of my own (heh heh ... I'm a GIRL! I don't have a Wii!! LOLZ), I think I'd want to get Boom Blox, since I'm okay at that ... and the Star Wars game, and Wii Fit ... so that I might actually, you know, have some motivation to work out. (And being told that I'm obese? Not news to me, darlings. So I could just glower at it in a not-at-all self-righteous way.

And I'd have to get a Disney Princess game for Bunny. And something Transformers for Bruise. Or maybe a racing game ... Bruise did over 100-grand of damage on one round of an auto-racing game. Heh heh. I've told C that maybe HE'll be the one to take my kids out driving.

Also, Bruise was reminiscing last night about how he "dwove DADDY twuck. And beeped da HORN!" ... And I was really amazed at this because (1) Bruise is not a HUGE talker very often (I mean, hey, he has to compete with VERY VERBAL Bunny and me) and (2) the event he's talking about was nearly a YEAR ago. As I put it, "Wow [Bruise]! I'm amazed that you remember all this! You were just a BABY back then!" And he just nodded.

Also, good news: I applied for health insurance again. ACCEPTED!!!!!!!! WOOT!!! Now I can not worry about breaking my HEAD or something!! YAY!! ... Now, hopefully we can afford it. *grim smile*
But, yay! Not every company is going to HATE me for having had a high-rish pregnancy!

Other good news: My cousin had her baby. He's healthy and they should be back at home.

Bad news: My mom's stove gave up the ghost.

Good news: She got a new one. With a 10-year waranty.

Really bad news: One of my friends, who was pregnant with twins, lost both her babies.
I feel SO terrible for her. Any advice on what might help her? Or just put her and her family in your prayers, meditations, wishes for good karma, whatever. Don't worry about naming her by name -- the Lord (Higher power, etc, etc, whatever you believe/don't believe in) knows who she is.

Sorry for including something so sad ... but it's been in my thoughts.

Well, it's about time to get the kidlets ready and in the car for church.

Oh, other good news: the boy is using the toilet. For both eliminations (to be tactful)! So we've graduated up to Pull-Ups. There are still some mistakes ... but we're SO much further. Phew!!

I have about a bazillion links to share. I'll try and do that sometime this week. Wish me luck!

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Jennifer said...

ahh.. a post full of Wii - What's not to love :) It will never get old!! I am glad you used your day to play Wii - what else should you do on V-day?? Seems appropriate ;)

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