Friday, February 20, 2009

Does It Make Me a Bad Mom

That I'm leaving the kids (mostly) to their own devices while I let Michael sleep off this cold, read through my mountain of books, and blow my nose and clear my throat?

Does it make it bett or worse that my sweet daughter runs up to me and declares, "I wearin' a SILLY HAT" ... and shows me that she's wearing a pair of her brother's underpants on her head?

How about when Bruise starts screeching about how those are HIS Bumblebee (Transformer) underpants, that I appease her by giving her a pair of Elmo underpants to wear on her head?

Okay, now I'm going to make myself some hot apple cider to heopfully make my throat feel less like I have a package of alternating cotton balls and sandpaper stuck in my throat.


Anonymous said...

Peace be with you

Prissy & Hero said...

No, you're not a bad mom! You're dealing with twins, a sick hubby (honestly, sick husbands can seem worse than sick children!), and being sick yourself. You're a trooper!

nicole said...

yikes! i hope you feel better soon! i don't think you're a bad mom. i think every mom needs a day or 2 off during their kids life to let them just wear underpants hats. =D

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