Sunday, February 22, 2009


My little drug-cocktail from last night has worn off.

And I'm taking the day off from church. I'll still be at my meeting tonight (Yeah, I know! I had a meeting yesterday for my OTHER calling. But, hey, at least I will have a nap before this meeting).

But right now, I'm watching the kids while Michael's in his Sunday morning meetings ... and, after Sacrament meeting, he'll come home and pick up the kids (who are dressed and ready) and take them to Nursery. And I'm going to try and sleep off my cold.

I've been sicker ... but I'm just TIRED of being sick this time. I'm never going to be known for my patience and long-suffering. So I'm just going to whine right now and, hopefully, get it over with: My nose is alternatingly stuffy or runny. Sometimes both. My voice ... doesn't sound great. If I HAD decided to go to church, I wouldn't be making Bucket cover hear ears (which she does do to volume, not to my singing abilities, I'll have you know), because I wouldn't be singing today. I'm just tired.

My kids are funny. 

This morning, as I did Bucket's hair, she was telling me about being baby-sat last night:
"And the girl said that we had to go to bed after the show. And then she left at night."
Sister D has a daughter in high school ... and I think it's sweet that Bucket seems to be like me in referring to any lady as a "girl" ... Well, I do call my group from my home ward "my Relief Society Ladies" since they are all old enough to be my moms or grandmothers ... Oh, I miss my RS ladies. I really do.

Also this morning:
I had given the kids some fruit snacks (Hey, they've already eaten breakfast and are dressed in church clothes.) ... they finished them and asked for "some more food"... so I gave them more snacks, telling them "Well, here are more fruit snacks. They've got Vitamin C, which is very important right now." 

And Bruise squints up at me, as he's taken the little bag of snacks and chirps, "AGAIN?"
And Bucket, echoes him emphatically, "AGAIN?!?!?"
I affirm, "Yes. Again."
And they both trot off to the couch to watch Anastacia and eat their snacks.

Last night:
Bruise, as I had mentioned, wasn't sleeping well. I finally just picked him up, changed his diaper (which woke him a little, so he was crying a little more), and was just walking the bedroom with him.
He whimpered, "It bedtime."
"Yes, " I soothed. "It is bedtime."
"It dark outside," he murmered. "It time to be in bed."
So I just laid him back down, pulled up his blanket, and he was fine.
It made me roll my eyes a little that after he and his sister tried to be awake at 6 that morning, that he was telling me he needed to be in bed. 
At least I think he's gotten the point that when it's dark outside, it's time to be in bed and asleep.
Heaven help me once Daylight Savings comes around.

Also, Bruise has a big scratch on the bottom of his foot from stepping on one of his toys. So he's got a band-aid on it. Bucket cut her wrist on the tub-stopper in the bath this morning. So she's got a band-aid on that. I have finally taken off my band-aid that was covering my blister (on my foot, of all places) where I got burned from the manicotti boiling on the stove (No, seriously. It sounds like science fiction -- the water teleporting itself -- But, really. It's insane.) ... Yeah, we're a little accident-prone right now. Crazy, huh?

Okay, I'm about ready to take my coughing, sneezing, stuffy, sniffling self back to bed. 
You think the kids will be fine if I just let them watch videos until Michael gets back?


nicole said...

i think they will be ok =]
i also think that those lucky people in arizona have it so nice that they don't have to change times like us not so lucky people. i always forget when i call my grandma when i think it's 8, since she's just over the border, but it's really 9 for her and she's in bed. =[ oops.

april b said...

Get better soon! And videos were made to keep children entertained while their parents did other things (like be sick, do the dishes, etc.)

xcedra said...

aww hope you guys and gals all feel better.
I was a bum today and stayed in bed, so I missed church as well. mine was more do to being tired and lazy then anything else.

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