Monday, May 21, 2007


The girl is over being sick.

Thank goodness!

I'm so glad that it only took five days, one Father's blessing, one blessing from the Home Teachers (not these ones), two suppositories, and just shy of five bajillion loads of laundry.

I'm glad to have my Fuss Bucket, my Giggle Bucket, my happy girl back.
I think that my Bruiser is glad to have her back, too. Since he gets more Mommy-time and feedings again, now that she's back to normal.

Funny thing, at church yesterday ... Well, there's a gal. We both have kids close to the same age. I think her son's three weeks younger than my brood. He's ENTRANCED with Bucket's hair. He kept stalking her and winding his fingers in her hair ... and then yanking. (Don't get me wrong. I don't like it when people hurt my kiddos. But A (the boy) ... well, Bucket's held her own against him before. She doesn't have to play dainty around him. She's pushed him pretty good. Even though he's bigger than either her or Bear).
After A'd wind his fingers in her hair and yank (sometimes yanking Bucket off-balance), I'd just distract her with an animal cracker. She's a tough girl. No screaming. God stuff.

After the ... oh, I've lost count. No matter. ... Maybe fourth/fifth time, A's mom chased after him (as I administered more crackers with my chilled-out-mum attitude) in the church hallway, muttering "Dammit!!"

I said nothing. Until we got home. Then I asked Michael if my ears deceived me.

I think I'm ready to start a club. The Church Cursers. If you've ever said something inappropriate in church, you've free to come join. I'll even accept honorary-Church-cursers into my club. Or if you've heard someone and didn't die of shock (If you DID, you're welcome to join as a posthumous member. But we'd prefer a post-humorous member. ... Like you giggled afterwards. We like that. ... Since that's my first response on hearing swears. Uncontrolled, semi-hysterical giggling.) (Yes, I am just THAT mature.) (And here I go talking in parentheses AGAIN.)

I get to be President, since it IS my club. And I'm the one that said "crap" while teaching a Sunday School class about JESUS ... Well, it was the Old Testament, and He's mentioned in there quite a bit. But it does take some gall to say "... and that's a load of crap," while teaching a class at church.

When no one batted an eyelash, I relaxed. And figured that I could say "crap" as often as I desired. But I try to refrain from using it in talks in Sacrament meeting. Just so I don't cause any of the elderly folk to have an stroke, heart attack or seizure.

Because I'm just that kind.

In other news, I'm just about caught up on laundry! YAY!!!! And we finally put up my big bookshelf in the bedroom. I need to add more shelves to it. Like THREE. And get a smaller bookshelf in there. (And about five more bookshelves ... to fit the rest of my addictions [i.e., books].)

I need to do dishes. Especially since the kids are napping. And I could change out of my PJs and do some yard work. Like weeding. Or trimming/pruning.

Or, I could unload the dishwasher, take a quick shower and lie on my bed in a towel and maybe finish my book about vampires. And start another book about vampires. Yard work can wait until the munchkins' second nap, right?

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