Monday, May 14, 2007

The Barf Chronicles

We took Bucket to the doctor's today.

We have a great doctor. A busy one (we arrived a little late for our appointment. We still waited about 20+ minutes to see him), but a very nice and competent man.

Bucket, our little puke and poop bucket, has indeed caught the stomach bug (virus, of course. Something that antibiotics wouldn't clear up) that's going around.

I feel bad because I think she caught it when I took her and Bruiser to play group last week. The virus lay dormant for a couple of days and -- BAM!!-- hit my girl with full force.

But, even though she's not keeping much (if anything) down, she's not dehydrated. She even can call up tears and everything. She's just puking and miserable. (And HATED being prodded with a stethoscope.

So, even though I'm guilty because I took her out where she got it, I'm a good mom because I've worked very hard to try and keep her hydrated. Go me.

Our washer's getting its workout. I think we've done at least eight loads of wash, starting Saturday morning.

Michael just came down with the bug, too. Good thing he stayed home today (to help take Bucket to the Doctor's. And to help me keep my sanity).

Bruiser and I are hanging in there. He seems none the worse for wear. I think most of it has to do with the fact that he and Bucket are still nursing. (Of course, this weekend hasn't been the best for Bucket's nursing. ... She's eating for maybe five minutes and --POW!!-- We're all covered in barf. Load up the washer again.) However, it seems that Baroo's gotten all the antibodies I can produce. Except for the few I've stocked away for myself. He's like the Energizer Bunny, immune system-wise. He's gotten a cold a couple of times. Always much more mild of a case than Bucket's.

I don't feel great. I don't know if it's due to (a) being so dang tired and (b) being a little burnt-out or (c) being on my ladies' cycle or (d) a touch of the bug. I'm not very hungry. I'm getting a little light-headed. I have a headache. It's nothing like Michael's case -- nausea, other ickies, whole-body-being sore.
I feel okay, but not like I'd be bringing my A-game to the table. If I ever DID bring my A-game anywhere.

But the good news is that I'm nearly caught up on the dishes. And I only have two loads of laundry to fold. And I have a prescription for Bucket for some anti-nausea medicine (DO NOT ask me how it's to be administered. If you can't guess, you DO NOT WANT TO KNOW). And another hold to pick up at the library. And I should vacuum. (Note: You don't want to walk around barefoot or in socks for a couple of days. And the "couple of days" ONLY applies if Bruiser doesn't catch this crud.)

Since the husband and the kids are asleep (well, Bruiser is ... I think he's doing some Gregorian chants ... in his crib), I'm signing off and laying on the couch to read/nap.

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