Thursday, May 31, 2007

Say Cheese!


Bucket and Bruise checking out the ROUSes (Rodents of Unusual size, if you didn't get the Princess Bride reference. Which would be, of itself, an utter travesty).


My pretty Bucket. I'd say I'm biased, but everyone remarks on what a pretty, pretty little girl she is. No pressure, though. (Even though I have no problem hearing it more. She doesn't either.)


My handsome Bruise (so-named since he's like me -- less than graceful). He's such a sweet boy. (Well, as long as he's not pushing his sister. Or pulling books or videos off the shelves. ... So, MOST of the time, he's a sweet, even-tempered boy who loves to laugh and run around.)


Here we are (look!! I have a new haircut! Aren't I the cutest?!? ... Well, except for the two darlings next to me and the Desert Lynx kitten, Kenya, that I'm holding, that is. <--- Wow, that's a lot of commas. Sorry!!). I have to say, Kenya was supersoft. Such a playful little guy. Bruise was more interested in Kenya's toys. Bucket LOVED petting the nice kitty, though.
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