Thursday, May 10, 2007

Changes ... changes ...

Since I last posted, my babies have turned one (they're actually 16 months old as of today), we've bought a house, moved to that house ... which meant changing wards (again this year) ... stuff like that.

I've gotten better at cleaning our house. Michael repairs the vacuum whenever I clog up the filters and think that I've broken it. I also get around to mopping and dusting a little more often (as opposed to just shy of never ... since with the kiddos this mobile, I'm walking around the house and noticing dirt so much more.

We upgraded to broadband internet ... since the dial-up we were on started topping out around the lightspeed-ness of, oh, 12 or 6 kb/sec. Yes. KILOBYTES. Per SECOND. SIX. Ugh.
And, so now, I can be online all day without blocking calls ... I can download music and pictures and, generally, be much, much happier. Since, I can actually *gasp* CHECK MY EMAIL.

I've started using my CrockPot more and more. It's so nice, if I remember to (1) decide what to make and (2) actually prepare meals early enough.

My BJ (friend) is preggers. And it looks like everything's going very well (which relieves my worries and makes me very happy). T is going to start working at having a little girl soon. C is having a little girl in ... August, I think. I think that those are all of my friends that are currently incubating/planning on incubating.

I have a bra fitting tomorrow. Yay for actually getting bras that FIT. And they can be used to nurse, too ... which is still going strong.

Bucket and Bruiser (my twinlets) are growing up so fast. Bucket's talking more than Bruiser, which is to be expected ...Girls often talk first and talk most. Most of her words are animal names and the sounds they make. Bruiser is more selective about what he says ... Mainly "Fee-see, Shi-shi" ("fishy, fishy"). We're still (and will continue to be) in the thralls of that joy that is teething. Most of the front teeth have come in on both Bruise and Bucket (Bruiser - getting that last bottom one. Bucket - That last bottom one should come in whenever and the third bottom one is working through). They're even cutting molars. It can get a little crazy.

I can't think of anything else to write. So I'm closing up.

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