Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Now, for a REAL post ...

It's been a little since I've actually blogged about ME and my life ... but I've filled in with quizzes pretty well, no?

Memorial Day weekend, we spent Friday through Sunday visiting family. We drove down Thursday night to my mom's. Got to meet her puppy that Cecil got her for Mother's Day. The puppy's name is Honey (according to Mom) or Poop (according to Cecil). Cute dog, really. Part pug, part terrier, part toy poodle. You can see the pug and the terrier more than the poodle.

Friday, while Mom was at work and Cecil was cutting grass at the graveyard, we went up to Roseburg and visited my Nana, Uncle Steve, Dad and LaVonne. Bucket and Bruise got to run amok outside in Nana's backyard, which they LOVED! They also ate close to their body weight in pasta and fruit. (Note: watermelon isn't a big hit. Yet. But they like strawberries, which we knew.)

Saturday, we headed out to the coast. We went to the West Coast Safari and Game Park (where Michael and I had gone on our honeymoon). Bucket LOVED seeing (and petting) the animals. Bruise loved being able to run around. I took over 200 pictures that day. Most of the kids and animals, some of Face Rock and plants and such.

Sunday we went to church at my home ward. When Sunday School was starting, I was still making my way out of the chapel. Buena called out that it was nice to see my back side (since I wasn't facing the front as I gathered up my stuff and Bucket). I, being the circumspect and dainty lady that I am, responded "It's my best side!"

Pictures will be posted soon. NOT ones of my back side. :P

After church, we took off for home and relaxed a bit. Forgot to put out the garbage for the garbage truck. Oops.

Monday we weeded part of the yard and fed the missionaries. Chinese food. Michael even made fortune cookies. One of the elders, since we copied the fortunes posted at, pulled the fortune reading, "Satan is pleased with what you've done."
I got, "Creature in Black Lagoon get woman in final scene. What your problem??" Michael got "Confucius' wife say 'Enough advice already! Get hobby!'" The other missionary got "Swankiness is not necessarily a good quality." Fun stuff.

I sunburned part of the back yanking weeds. Right above my hips, where my shirt rode up as I was bent over. Oops.

And we left all the leftover out overnight. So they had to be thrown out. :( Good thing we had eaten a good portion of it. Next time, though, I need to spice up the egg flower soup. It was super bland. Ick!

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