Monday, July 02, 2012

Weekend Aftermath Extravaganza!

Well, since we didn't do a WHOLE lot of stuff, "extravaganza" is a bit of a strong description ...

(On the other hand, who cares? I'm actually BLOGGING!! And it hasn't been a WEEK OR MORE BETWEEN POSTS! AMAZEMENT!!!)

So, Friday, after Michael got home, we ... did ... stuff? Um ... Let's see.
Well, we ran a couple errands ... OH! We went grocery shopping. Got some staples and some extras (bay leaves, ice cream ... stuff like that). Then we came back home and chillaxed. The kiddos played outside with a neighbor girl. The missionaries used our sidewalk (and sidewalk chalk) to teach a friend's son ... which led to the neighbor girl asking to come to church with us.

We went over to the church in the evening to meet the missionaries to help give an investigator a chapel tour.
He didn't ever show up.
At this point, they've only had TWO out of THIRTEEN people show up for chapel tours. Oh well.
We were assigned to clean the church, anyways, so we started on things.
We weren't totally sure which list of duties was ours (there are two conflicting schedules, since we share the building with two other wards (congregations). Well, another ward and the Singles Branch (a smaller congregation of unmarried Young Adults, those who are 18-30).
So, we tidied up the Food preparation room/kitchen (Technically, you're not supposed to cook there, but we usually just refer to it as a kitchen, since it has an oven, fridge, sink, and microwave. Wouldn't you?) and walked around the grounds outside and picked up any garbage.

As I mentioned, I haven't been sleeping all that well, so I took a dose of OTC sleep aid. And it worked.
Worked well enough that Michael let me sleep in while he took Bruise and Bucket to the church to finish cleaning (Bubbles stayed with me and we napped until after 10 AM, which is something that I haven't done for the longest time).
It's a good thing that we had started on things Friday night, since the other two families that were supposed to assist in cleaning the building never showed. So Michael and our two six-year-olds got all the jobs we were assigned completed. More doughnuts (which Michael had bought to share with the other families) for US ... I even got one when they got home around 10:30 or 11.

After that, we got ready and headed out to the local Farmer's Market. We bought some fresh berries (RASPBERRIES!! And Blackberries ... I don't think they're Marionberries, but I have issues telling them apart. Even though I'm a native Oregonian. I need to change that. I'll google that. ... Well, apparently, as long as I call them blackberries, I won't be wrong. Marionberries are a certain breed of blackberries. Like how every square is also a rectangle, just a specialized one.) and honey (Bucket chose Meadowfoam honey. We also went with our friend's recommendation (since her dad's the beekeeper) of Blackberry honey. Yum!

We did drop by a few more stops on the summer scavenger hunt. But, since it was POURING, we didn't do a whole lot. That and some places were closed for the weekend. Bummer.
Still, this week, we get to pick up the kids' handkerchiefs they tie-dyed.
(Bruise has a spiral design in Beaver colors. Bucket has a modified rainbow bulls-eye. We'll see how they turned out in a few days.)

Then, after drying off and chilling at home for a bit, we headed back to the church for baptisms.
An investigator was being baptized and is part of our ward.
Then, during the next hour, there were the child of record baptisms for the Stake (children who have turned eight and are getting baptized). I actually knew most of them (or their families, at least). We'd been invited to one. I've known this girl's parents since I was in the sixth grade, since we all were in the same ward. So it was nice to get to see them (since we're in different wards in different towns) and their families. Lots of hugs.

And we went home and got ready for bed.

Sunday, I wasn't sure if the neighbor girl was going to come. We hadn't managed to stop by her family's house, so ... yeah. I'd have felt better if we'd talked it over. But we had told her that we'd leave about 8:30 and get back about half-past Noon.

Michael took off for his early-morning meetings. I got up, fed Bubbles, checked email, and the doorbell rang.
AT 7:30 AM.
I answered it in my robe.
Yes, it was her.

So, I jetted to the shower as the kids (who WERE dressed, or else I'd have sent her home to WAIT until at LEAST 8:15)- entertained her in our messy, messy house.
I fed them oatmeal, which she claimed to love, but didn't eat. I had put a dash of cream on it. And she said (AFTER I served it) that she couldn't drink milk, but could have it in things. Um ... okay. Just smile and nod. (It IS in the oatmeal, It's not a glass of it on the side. But, I don't have lactose intolerance. And, really, if a person DOES, wouldn't they mention it? Since she hadn't eaten breakfast earlier ... Yeah. Oh well.)

But, FINALLY, Michael was able to pick up us (as I'm slapping on makeup and furiously cleaning the kitchen and putting away folded towels that the kids have knocked over in the living room ... But, yeah, we get to church.

(And I'm GLAD ... She's trying to be helpful, constantly asking to hold Bubbles ... offers to help feed her, as I have to decline, since, well, breastfeeding. Don't need any help with that, really. Especially from a near-stranger minor. ... But, yeah, I'm USED to Sundays being a bit of a flurry in the mornings, but not QUITE AS FLURRIED.)

I was filling in in the Primary today ... and I had a couple other things to do, like get copies made for the RS binders ... and the library wasn't open to make copies before church started. But I did get some formula samples and coupons to a friend's mom. Then, after Sacrament meeting, I got copies made. And I was able to have a teacher and the Bishop sign a certificate for next week ... so, after church, all THOSE responsibilities were done with ... and I could relax, right?

NOPE! Since the neighbor girl wanted to stay for lunch. And Michael had ANOTHER meeting after church.
(Since I prefer my privacy and quiet. ... So, Michael suggested that we have the kids clean their room, which meant that the girl needed to go to her own house ... )

I was able to clean most of the kitchen while making lunch. The kids got their clothes put away from the living room. Cleaned up the living room under Michael's watch. And their room. Bubbles, fed and changed, took a nap. I took a little bath, painted my toenails, and had an hour-long conversation with my Roxy. ... After my reprieve, the kiddos were playing outside. And the neighbor girl tries to get invited to dinner.

NOW, she's had breakfast (which she didn't eat) and lunch at our house.
She told Bucket that she wanted lunch at our house because her grandma said SHE wasn't going to cook anything. And her grandpa couldn't since HE has a broken arm. (Now, I've met the grandma. She doesn't seem the type to let a kid go hungry. And this girl has an older brother. I think that she could manage to get something to eat.)
She told Bucket that her family went out to dinner and didn't take her.
Um ... I rather HIGHLY doubt it. Since they'd have to DRIVE PAST the kids playing to leave the neighborhood. ... And IF they did, it would really be this girl's choice not to go to dinner with them.

I can understand that this girl might want to be part of another family for a day or so ... but, really ... I NEED some quiet and privacy.

Now, the kids tell me that she's told them she doesn't go to school (and she's a couple years older than they are), so I don't know if that means that she's homeschooled or if she'd just meaning that she's not in school right now, since it's summer.
... Regardless, it's making me look VERY MUCH FORWARD to September.
And that makes me feel guilty. Since I should LOVE having the kids home ... but, well, I have three of my own. And I don't need to add someone else's kids to the mix. Especially not starting at SEVEN FREAKING THIRTY IN THE MORNING.

And, last night, I couldn't fall asleep again. Not until after midnight. Like, almost an hour after midnight.
And then I immediately had a crap, scary dream. Which woke me up.
In my dream, I was wearing a towel, since I must have been in the shower. I threw a robe on over it and Michael and I had to make a transient move off of our porch. He (the transient) asked if we were Patrick. Then he screamed that he didn't know any Patrick, didn't know nothing and ran off.
As I was closing the door, following Michael back inside, a hand with a package appeared. I started to take it and asked who it was from ... and the person holding the package through the slightly opened door started pushing the door open and grabbing at me.
I screamed for Michael ... and woke myself up.
Thanks, stupid nightmare. I hadn't even been asleep very long. Maybe an hour. Maybe two? Stupid nightmare.

So, Bruise came out of his room, telling me that he created a new game. Using the Chutes and Ladders board and a couple action figures, it's a game called "Battle."
"So, Mom. Pretend that this [ladder] is a slide. And that this is a picture of someone punching a dog. If you land on that, you go down into JAIL and you wait there THREE TURNS. And, if you get to [the number] one, you lose!"

Yes, obviously, if you punch a dog, you go to jail.
I can't say that I can argue with his logic.

Today, I need to walk to the store and pick up some groceries. Michael should be picking up the truck (then we'll get to look forward to working to pay off the credit card again. FUN! ... But, hey, at least we have it for when we need it. Like NOW. So, well, that's a good thing. It lets us be adults and somewhat self-sufficient. Savings would be better, yes, but this is okay. He'd let me know if I NEEDED to worry. Whereas, right now? I do it for no reason.)

Did I mention that this weekend I managed to get the laundry baskets in our room emptied out? WORD. It's weird having our room that much less cluttered (which tells you what a rat hole state it's in right now. *SIGH* I need to work on it. SO. FREAKING. MUCH.).

I also need to reorganize my desk. And get all my files off the OLD External HD backed up onto the NEW one. And get iTunes to use the new HD ... So I can clean off at least one of the old ones and let Michael have it. Wouldn't that be nice? If I SHARED? Because sharing is caring.

And, tomorrow, I need to take pictures of Bubbles, since she's going to be FOUR MONTHS OLD! WHAT??!?!
But right now she's sweetly sleeping in her swing, clutching her giraffe toy/blanket and sucking her thumb her thumb fell out of her now-slack mouth. Dang, she's a cute thing.

But, yeah, I need to do about a bazillion more loads of laundry and figure out what to cook for the missionaries (who are coming over for dinner) tomorrow. (Michael's grilling ... but man does not live by meat alone. I should do a salad and something sweet. I'd do my mom's marshmallow salad, but one of the Elders is allergic to pineapple. SAD! So I thought that maybe I'd try making it with canned mandarins, instead ... or maybe I'll figure out something else.)

And I have library books to read ... that I haven't done ANYTHING with.
It's enough to send a girl into a spiraling depression ... which I was starting to feel yesterday. I just was in a funk. Most likely since I'm due to have the painters in anytime. Ugh.
But, yeah.
I'm ATTEMPTING to be better at DOING things.
Even though I feel like a fat, lazy, unmotivated, uninteresting, dumpy lump of lard.

BUT, after yesterday, at least I'm a lump of lard with better-looking toenails.
(Why is it that painting one's toes has such a therapeutic effect? ... Or is it just me? But, when I start feeling like crap on a stick, having painted toenails can distract me ... even if it's just a bit. And that helps. Since I can't be coloring my hair all the freaking time. It'd fall out ... eventually.)

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