Saturday, July 14, 2012

Another HP Meme (rife with spoilers)

Though, really ... the books and the movies have been out long enough that I'm not going to apologize for any spoilers.

And, since I'm a REBEL, I'm going to do this in one fell swoop.

  1. My favorite of the books, generally, is Goblet of Fire.
    Why? Because it's the last one where things are generally happy. After that, things get hard. And Harry's all emo for a bit. And too many people die.
  2. You can tell that when this meme came out, not all the movies were out.
    My favorite movie of the series? ... Gosh, I don't really have a favorite. I like them all.
  3. Which film(s) made me angry for leaving stuff out? Well, I can handle most of them ... but I'm ALWAYS irritated with Goblet of Fire's film for NOT having that Rita Skeeter getting her comeuppance.
  4. Least favorite character? Delores Umbridge. She's the perfect example of why NOT to get fanatical and arrogant. She gives pink and cats a bad rap. Grr.
  5. Favorite male character? There are lots to choose from ... Probably Arthur Weasley. (Though Snape -- always trusted him!! -- and Gred and Forge are right up there, too.) I love that he loves his family and takes such good care of them ... even though finances are always tight. And his obsession with Muggle artifacts is pretty cute.
  6. I'm SO Ravenclaw. Always. And I think that the sorting hat would agree with me.
    But I could be in Hufflepuff, since I do believe that you need to follow rules and be polite. But, really? I'm all about seeking knowledge. And I look better in blue.
  7. For my favorite female character ... it's really a toss-up. My all-time favorites are Hermione, Luna Lovegood, Molly Weasley, and Minerva McGonagall. They're all very strong women. (Thanks, J.K. Rowling for giving me LOTS of characters to adore!!)
  8. Again, I'm not totally sure about which Hogwarts subject would be my favorite. DADA is always great ... but Potions, Charms, and Transfiguration all sound VERY intriguing. (And Astronomy? TAUGHT BY A CENTAUR?? TEMPTING!!)
  9. Least favorite male character ... hmm ... Maybe Peter Pettigrew. I just can't respect him. Or ... what's his face ... Fenrir Greyback. I don't like that he targets kids. It's NOT cool.
  10. HALLOWS. No contest. I'm not a Horcrux type of girl.
  11. Off the top of my head, I most relate to Hermione. But I love Luna. And, since I have kids, I'm starting to relate more with Molly.
  12. I do adore Hermione and Ron together. They are the OTP of the book.
    I'm bummed, though, that Rowling has declared that Luna and Neville don't end up married to each other. I really wanted that to work out.
  13. Again, I rather like all the movies ... so I don't have a least favorite.
  14. Team Harry. Most definitely.
  15. Oh, goodness ... I'd want to hang with Gred and Forge, of course. They'd keep things interesting.
    And, since I only get ONE more, um ... Luna. Since she's smart and will accept that I'm a total weirdo.
  16. As much as I adore Snape, he's not a very good teacher (some just aren't suited to the profession), so  he wouldn't be my favorite teacher.
    I'm going with McGonagall. She seems to love her profession ... which translates to striving to foster a love of learning in her students.
  17. Well, after looking at the Pottermore Forum on this subject, I'd like to say that I'd get a cedar wand (or applewood wand) with an unicorn hair core. ... That's not what I have in Pottermore ... but it sounds nice.
  18. I suppose that either Half-Blood Prince or Order of the Phoenix could be considered my least favorite of the series. Harry's rather emo ... and I don't like that people start dying off like flies (not nearly as much as in Deathly Hallows, though. *sniff*) ... I don't like books where I end up sobbing ... so maybe I don't like Deathly Hallows that much ... since I didn't even get 1/3 of the way through before I was crying so hard that I couldn't read aloud to Michael. *sigh*
  19. The books. There's so much more detail.
  20. Um ... would it be shallow to say Alan Rickman? ... that voice ... It's just ... well, it's awesome.
    If not, then John Cleese (Nearly-Headless Nick). We could talk about lemurs.
    (If you haven't seen his documentary on lemurs, you should go check it out! I kind of NEED my own DVD of it.)
  21. Is this one character per book??
    Yeah, I didn't think so.
    I'm kind of torn ... At first, I'd say Sirius. Then Tonks. But, really, I think that I'd go with Fred. It PISSED ME OFF that the twins were separated. And I think that Hedwig's death was a cheap blow... mostly because I sobbed so much due to it.
  22. Harry Potter, naturally.
    I'm sorry, Twi-hards ... Edward Cullen is an Inferi of Cedric Diggory. He hangs out with an unregistered Animagus. These are serious charges.
    And that's not even getting into (1) how weak of a character the LEAD FEMALE is or (2) the fact that this series AND the smut fanfic based on it have topped the best-selling charts.
    I could handle The Book Thief outselling Harry Potter. But the fact that a story whose vampire legends would make Bram Stoker spin in his grave outsells it? And then BDSM fanfic on THAT hits the Bestsellers? ... I don't think I want to live on this planet anymore. /booksnobbishness.
  23. Sirius' death.
    Dumbledore's death.
    Hedwig's death.
    Lupin's death.
    Tonk's death.
    Fred's death.
    "And all was well."
    But, really, Sirius' and Hedwig's deaths were the ones that had me SOBBING.
  24. As I mentioned, I'm always IRRITATED that Goblet of Fire's film doesn't show Rita Skeeter getting blackmailed by Hermione (NEVER MESS WITH A SMART GIRL. That's the moral of that story. If she can read? She can THINK. And knowledge is power.) Because, dude, Skeeter needed to learn a lesson.
    ... Shoddy reporting, too. If not for Umbridge, she might be my least favorite female character.
  25. Overall, yes, I'm satisfied with the epilogue.
    Like I mentioned, though, Luna and Neville really seem made for each other.
    I want them married, having adorable courageous-and-intelligent babies, dang it!!!
  26. I think "repario!" would be a great spell to be able to use. It'd save me a lot of grief. :P
    I'd be willing to settle for having to use a wand ... if I could use magic. ^_^
  27. I've already answered this within the last few posts ... but, as much as I'd want to use the Resurrection Stone, I think it'd be safest (and best) to use the Invisibility Cloak.
  28. I'd hope not to have a nemesis ... but if I HAD to have one ... um ... I suppose Peeves. He's very irresponsible.
    But if I hand out with Gred and Forge, THEY could handle him, right? He listened to them. (On occasion ... if it suited him.)
  29. Being an Auror sounds interesting ... Or being a Hogwarts professor could be cool. Still, Molly Weasley makes being a wife and mother look fine, too. ^_^
  30. I think that HP has a little something for everyone. And I'm so glad that it got a generation (or MORE) to read and to dream and to think. I'm glad that I've read it and shared it with Michael and that we're sharing it with Bruise and Bucket.
    I think that it's an important series because, though it, you do see that (even with magic) life isn't always easy or fair. You have to accept that people die. Things go wrong. People's choices affect others. You are in control of your actions. Love is powerful and cannot (and should not) be forced.
    .... there's more, there's always more to write ... But it's still early and I'm not that well-rested. So I'm closing up. But it's a series that resonates with me. And I'm glad for that.

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