Tuesday, July 24, 2012

One big catch-up ... That's my life ...

I'm about ONE LOAD behind on dishes. And TWO LOADS behind on laundry.

However, things are STARTING to get caught up. Starting.

I have some plans for meals (at least dinners) this week.

Through LOTS OF PRAYER, I FINALLY found Bubbles' cute new swimsuit (in my old [repurposed] church bag on the floor in our room) AND my old FAVORITE-OF-FAVORITE nursing tops from when I was nursing Bruise and Bucket (it's a t-shirt ... with a second layer in the front. Makes nursing discreetly SO much easier!).

[Pet peeve: When people try to say that women need to nurse "discretely" ... Um, that is a word. And it DOES SOUND JUST THE SAME as "discreetly." But, really, it doesn't mean at all the same thing. Just sayin'.]

So, Mom came up Thursday. We took the kids to lunch at McDonald's. And we stopped by a different market. Found orange extract AND rosewater (so I can make Turkish Delight!!) and orange blossom water.
Michael came home from work early (since he'd have to drive right past town to head back to work ... for that last hour of work. So, instead, he'd gone in an hour early). We tried a new restaurant. Mom and I had Pho. Michael ate the Yakisoba. The kids ... had a burger or chicken strips and fries. *sigh* Bubbles slept. Phew!
We did try the sesame balls (stuffed with red bean paste). Interesting.

Friday, we took the kids (ALL THREE OF THEM) to Mom and Dad C's. The kids got to play there while Michael and I went to the temple (we also stopped by Deseret Book/Distribution Center ... got garments and some books ... and there was a GREAT sale on a picture that Michael's been wanting for his office for YEARS. So we picked that up, too). It was nice to get back to the temple. It's a little difficult getting up there often once I was pregnant and then, having kids and nursing ... it got a little more difficult.
We didn't get back to pick up the kids until about 10 ... much later than their usual bedtime.

My friend, T (now, you'll see yet again why she's such a bestie ... She's also the one that really got me introduced to Michael), messaged me on Facebook ... to let me know that Cherry Poppin' Daddies were playing at a local Art Fair. So, even though Saturday was a busy day ... we added a little more busy to it. (It's been AGES since I've been to a concert ... I think the last one I was at was my first REAL concert [Weird Al, back in 2000].)

So, Saturday, we ran to Fred Meyer to do a little shopping and get our niece her present. Then we went to Costco, went back home, wrapped the present, drove up to our niece's birthday party, drove back home to change, went to a baptism (where I was barely in the room at all. Bubbles needed to be changed. Then she was hungry about five minutes after that ... *sigh*), then back home to change again ... and up to the Art Fair.

Bruise and Bucket were pretty exhausted after the long nights ... so, when the kids' corner (which we should have gone to FIRST ... If I had realized it was there) closed (They really wanted to go in the bounce house. Oops!!), they were reduced to tears.
We did buy cotton candy (which I wanted to do anyways) ... and they perked up. I made them agree to be cheerful in order to eat any of it. And they did share with us.

We were right in front for the concert. Sitting on the grass. T and her family (husband and son) did make it. Phew! They, however, sat farther back (and stayed for the whole concert). We left after about an hour. The kids were so tired ... Bubbles was tired enough that she was fussing and refusing to feed. ... Though I DID nurse her once there (DISCREETLY) ... Ha ha ha, I get to add yet another place that I've nursed to my list. ^_^

We drove back, reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (we're over half-way done!!) and got the kids into bed.

In the morning, we all had showers and got ready for church.
After church, we rushed back home to change (sensing a theme of our weekend, right?) and headed over to a local park for my family reunion (my dad's side).
I was the only one there representing my branch. Nana (my grandma) is recuperating from Strep Throat. My dad and uncles weren't there. Or my first cousins.

But I got to visit with family that I barely ever see. (I had to be reminded of most people's names. THAT'S how long it goes between visits!)

I spent the majority of the time chatting with a "cousin" (consanguity is HAAAAAAARD!!! ... So, it's just easier to refer to everybody as cousins. We can figure out how near or far by stating whose child/grandchild we are.) that I hadn't seen since I met her shortly after Bruise and Bucket were born. She also is one of the few members of the Church in the family. ... And she's how I'm related (distantly) to our pediatrician (and, through him, a family in our ward. Yes. I'm a dork.)

I always forget the my Pop-pop (grandpa) was the youngest of his generation ... so I'm (along with my two cousins, since they're younger than I am) the youngest of the third generation. I was visiting with the mom of a "cousin" my age ... but that "cousin" is in the NEXT generation. Her mom and I are both in the same generation.

After the family reunion, I got ready for choir practice (where I knew I'd see the family that I'm distantly related to) ... and we had a good practice.

Then I came home and had dinner and got the kiddos ready for bed.

Monday was a mostly lazy day. Chatted with my dad ... reported to him about the family reunion. Found the missing swimsuit and my nursing top (I'd only been looking for THAT for, what, six months? Prayer works. Maybe not in the EXACT timetable that one prefers ... but it works!). Worked on laundry and dishes. Marinated some chicken. Helped Michael in grilling pineapple (make a glaze with honey, lime juice, and crushed black pepper. YUM!)

I'm keeping up my straight of not sleeping well. This is getting ridiculous. I think that, tonight, I'm going to take a Unisom and see if that helps.

I know that my dreams lately have been strange. I can't remember last night's ... but a few nights ago, I dreamt that I was subbing in Primary (because I HAVE been substituting for the secretary the last couple weeks), and it was in a different room/building than usual. Bruise and Bucket had gone to the bathroom and come back being silly. Bruise, in particular, didn't have his pants on. And both legs were stuck through one leg-hole in his underwear.
I had to wrestle him out of his briefs to put them on correctly ... and ... well, in my dream, he hadn't been wiping properly, apparently.
You know how, when kids don't wipe well, they can get a rash? And how, some babies' diaper rashes can get REALLY bad? All open and weepy?
In this (crazy) dream, Bruise's butt ... it looked like raw, ground hamburger. There were bits that, when they did finally heal, would be all misshapen. It was BAAAAD.

Yes, my subconscious has some SERIOUS issues.

I'm pleased to report that none of my kiddos has even as much as a diaper rash, let alone anything THAT horrific.

I also have taken it upon myself to foster the kids' musical education ... by showing them music videos.
Bruise's favorite is "Thriller."
Bucket, however, is not so impressed by it.
Everyone's a critic.

Okay. Time to get more dishes done. And laundry. And clean up the kitchen and front rooms. And get a shower. And go to the library. And go feed the ducks. And change more diapers.

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