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Harry Potter Memes

I was going through a Tumblr and came across these ... and they looked kinda fun ... so HERE:

1. What House you think you’d belong most in.Ravenclaw. Obviously. I'm kind of ADDICTED to learning. And I love blue. And birds.
Seriously, I think that crows are kinda awesome.
Most quizzes that I take place me in Ravenclaw.  But, really, ask anyone. I'm SO Ravenclaw.
Pottermore agrees.

2.  Your ideal wand description.
According to Pottermore, I have an 11-1/2 inch hard hawthorn wand with a dragonheart core.
I wasn't really sure about it ... but, I guess it works.
I always thought of myself as being the type to possess a wand with a unicorn hair, but as they say, "The wand chooses the wizard."
I just want a pretty one, really. That feels right in my hand.
3. The animal you’d take with you to Hogwarts.
Either an owl (preferably a barn owl ... blame my OBSESSION with "Labyrinth") or a cat.
4.  The class you think you’d be best in.
I'd like to think Transfiguration or Potions ... maybe Herbology. Or DADA. Definitely DADA.
Or, maybe, like Hermione, I'd manage to be exceptional in all of them.

5. If you were a Quidditch player what position would you be?
I know that the Seeker gets all the glory ... but I think that being a Keeper would be okay. I prefer defense. ... But, y'know, being a Beater would be a GREAT way to work out aggression. Let's go with that.
6. Member of the Order or Death Eater?
The Order of the Phoenix. All the way.
7. Your ideal wizarding career
I think I'd emulate Molly Weasley. I like taking care of my family. And she does a great job at it.
8. If you were a teacher at Hogwarts what subject would you teach?
Oh, goodness. Any of them sound pretty amazing. (I don't know that I'd do all that well at Herbology, since I don't have much skill in keeping plants alive.)
I would like Defense Against Dark Arts. Or Ancient Runes (like a foreign language, right?).
History of Magic would be nice. As would Potions (since it's CHEMISTRY! FOR WIZARDS!).
Transfiguration and/or Charms would be fine, too.
9. The one spell you’ve always wanted to cast.
Since I'd like to see what my Patronus would be. That'd be fun.

10. The spell you think you’d use the most.
Accio or Wingardum LeviOHsa.
Unless I locked myself out ... then Alohomora would be stellar.
And Episkey/Reparifors, since it'd work faster than Band-Aids.
Legilimens could be very useful, too.
Portus would DEFINITLY save me a LOT in gas money. ;)
So would Reparo.
And Scourgify ... my house would be CLEAN!
I might abuse Silencio, though ...

(No, I didn't know ALL of these off the top of my head. I looked them up.)
11. Your favourite spell.
I don't really know ... since I'm a Muggle. Boo.
I like ALL the ones above, based on theory. And the one that lets you create flowers (Orchideous).
12. Favourite magical creature.
Probably, in no particular order: Griffin, Hippocampus, Phoenix, Thestrial, and Unicorn.
13. The Invisibility cloak, The Elder Wand, or The Resurrection Stone?
I'd LIKE to say the Resurrection Stone ... but it doesn't seem to work as well as it should. I mean, the fiance brought back to life wasn't quite how she was before.
So, with that in mind, Invisibility Cloak.
14. Favourite Hogwarts teacher?
Probably McGonagall. But I also like Sprout, Hooch, and Lupin. I probably would enjoy Slughorn, too.
And Hagrid ... at least he's got enthusiasm. ^_^
I LIKE Snape (and I did always trust that he was a good guy deep inside), but I wouldn't want him as a teacher.
And I think that Longbottom will be a most excellent Herbology professor.

15. The one character you’d want to be best friends with at Hogwarts.
Oh, I'm torn. I really, really, really like both Hermione and Luna.
Or the Weasley Twins. Because they're always good for a laugh ... and they keep things VERY interesting.
16. What would your Patronus be and why?
Um, I'm really not sure. That's why I WISH that I could use the Patronus charm and find out!!
Off the top of my head, maybe a tiger. Or a platypus.
(If YOU have an opinion as to what mine would be, do share. )

17. The happiest memory you’d use to produce a Patronus.
Probably my wedding day. Or when any of my kids were born. Those were all very good days.

18. What form of magical transportation would you like to use most? (port key, apparition, broomstick, thestral, flying motorcycle, hippogriff, etc)
Portkey or Phoenix. Or Griffin, if one can ride them. Or apparation (hello! It's TELEPORTATION!!). But broomstick would be fine, too. 

19. The one character you’re most like and why.
I can be like Hermione ... in that I love to learn. And I did get through school without ever getting detention (since my mom would have flipped).
But I also have some McGonagall and Luna in me, too.

20. Expelliarmus or Avada Kedavra?
Expelliarmus. I'm more of a pacifist, I guess.

And the OTHER meme:

Harry Potter- Tell about a scar on your body.I have a few. There's the half-moon on my forehead from pulling a bicycle down on myself when I was three or four. 
Or the one on my collarbone from the last decade, from when I was helping move a mattress and sheared a light fixture. Didn't get stitches, since we didn't have insurance. But it's all okay."
I also have one on my butthigh, from where a friend in first grade had me sit on his scissors. (I'm still bitter that I got a hole in my pink corduroy Osh Kosh B'gosh overalls from that.) 

Ron Weasley- Something you’re afraid of.
Like Ron, I'm not wild about spiders. I also worry about not having enough money. I worry about being a bad mom. I worry about being a bad wife. I fret about not being good enough/responsible enough. I dread change most of the time (I'm a creature of habit).

Hermione Granger- A subject you know a lot about.
Books, I suppose. People seem impressed by that.
I try to know a bit about most things. I like to know things.
I don't feel very smart ... but people are impressed at things that I know. Or, at least, that I'm able to recall things. And, usually, quickly.

Draco Malfoy- Closest green item to you.Post-It notes.
After those, it's the list of suggested summer "homework" for the kiddos. Then a Kleenex box.

Severus Snape- Your favorite Alcoholic beverage.Um, since I'm a teetotaler, I don't have one.
But I like water, milk, smoothies, ginger ale, Shirley Temples, rootbeer floats, Irish-cream-flavored steamers, hot cocoa, herbal tea, milkshakes .... I need to try butterbeer.

Rubeus Hagrid- Your favorite animal.
I don't feel like myself if I don't have a cat. There's only been a few times where I haven't owned a cat (There's been one year when we were in an apartment where we couldn't own pets. And a few months after Diana-cat died, where I didn't have a cat ... While I was in the dorm and my first apartment, Gingi-cat still lived at my folks' house. So that doesn't count.) ... and I haven't been very happy either time.

Though, given my druthers, I'd love to have a tiger.
As I said to a friend once, it'd be awesome to have a tiger. I could curl up against it while I read a book. And there'd be NO REASON NOT to go running.
Instead of people being all, "Oh, that chubby girl's running," they'd be all, "WOW. There goes a girl with a tiger!" And, really, I could go anywhere, anytime. Because NO ONE is going to mess with a girl with a TIGER.

Luna Lovegood- Something about you other people find weird.
Um ... I don't know what people find NORMAL about me.
I'm an only child who grew up with books as besties. My mom's one of my best friends. My husband and I have a strong marriage. And, yes, he's totally my best friend.
Even though I'm a mom and my mom's a teacher and I majored in Education, I often feel like I have NO FLIPPING CLUE what I'm doing. I feel like an older sister (just one that's breastfed these kiddos) for the most part ... but, apparently, I'm doing an okay job.
Like I said, I majored in Education, even got my teaching license ... and I have NO DESIRE for a classroom of my own.
I think being a librarian would be an AWESOME job.
As much as I like Science, I don't have the best relationship with Mathematics.
I sometimes read poetry just for the rhythm. I enjoy diagramming sentences when I get the whim.
Most of my friends growing up weren't LDS, so I'm used to being the "token Mormon" in the group. But now most of the people I hang with locally ARE members of the Church ... so that's a different thing.
I have stubby thumbs. I can be really naive. I sometimes mix up things (like "Dante's Peak" and "Dante's Inferno."). I don't watch a whole lot of television anymore ... but I can make references to Dr. Who (since I READ what people say about it. Whereas, I have only seen about five episodes. SAD!!) and other shows.

Neville Longbottom- Your favorite flower.Violets, roses, and lavender ... I don't have just one favorite.
I also like jasmine and honeysuckle.
And CARNATIONS. ... But they have to be fresh. The ones from the florist's just don't smell right. Those smell GREEN. But fresh carnations smell spicy, almost like cinnamon.

Nymphodorah Tonks- Something you would change about your appearance.If I could immediately be thinner and toned? I'd do it. So quickly.
But I do change my haircolor pretty often. Whenever I get bored and in a funk? Time to paint my toenails and/or color my hair.

Fred and George Weasley- The last prank you pulled on someone, or someone pulled on you.I told Michael that his Christmas present (a couple Christmasses ago) wouldn't arrive in time for Christmas.
Originally, that was true. And I can't lie to save my life ... but it came early ... and I made sure to act all miffed and sad that he wouldn't get his present until AFTER Christmas. ... But he got it on time! I was SO proud of myself.
Gred and Forge would be ashamed. It doesn't compare at ALL with ton-tongue toffee.

Voldemort- If you were to make a Horcrux, it would be…I wouldn't. As Slughorn said, death would be preferable. And I prefer NOT to split my soul with evil acts.

Moaning Myrtle- The last thing to make you cry. 
Feeling like a crap mother. Feeling like a crap PERSON. Yeah ... blame it on my wild hormonal swings. FUN!!

But, yeah ... Now I got those done, it's time to be productive!

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Unknown said...

You would do outstanding in all you Hogwart courses (which means you surpassed Hermione, she got exceeds expectations in DADA).

I see a smaller cat being you patronus...maybe a caracal or an ocelot.

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